LOVE this recent Vista vs. Leopard ad in the New York Times

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Jan 19, 2008.

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    I love it too even though I'm on a PC. I saw a similar ad on the net where the Mac and PC guy were on the bottom right of a webpage and there was some ad above talking about giving up on Vista or something. I wish I had a link to contribute.
    *edit* Here is a link to a video mirror of the ad. (thanks to macrumors link)
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    As a 10 year power user of Windows (and especially XP), I can't really see how anyone can argue that statement. Since I migrated off of XP 14 months ago when I bought my MBP, I really missed the Vista launch and had no experience with that OS.

    This past Christmas vacation I visited my parents, aunts and uncles. Several of them had purchased new laptops which came with Vista, and all of them needed help installing software, making peripherals work, etc. I got volunteered by my dad to help out (and I am a family-first man, I'd have helped even if he didn't offer my services).

    What a frustrating OS Vista is! My relatives didn't cheap out on their laptops (decent hardware, in the $1200 range bought from Costco), but man that OS just dragged the hardware down. One of them had similar specs to my MBP but ran Vista like it was a Pentium III machine! Not only is it a hardware hog, but the driver support is horrendous, and they all bought peripherals that were "Vista Certified"!

    On the heels of the Vista experience, MS is already indicating that Windows 7 will be on target for some time in 2009. That means that Vista will have had about 3 years on the market until the replacement came. Vista is getting perilously close to the experience that was Windows Millennium Edition.

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