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Brian Bunn

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Oct 26, 1998
60 years old and the man and his music is as fresh and brilliant as it was when he first started out almost 40 years ago! "Love and Theft" is an outstanding album. It was recorded over a two week period with few overdubs or retakes...pretty much recorded live (after extensive rehearsal for sure)...the band is tight, Dylan's lyrics are as sharp, witty, humorous, and current as ever. And the musical styles that Dylan incorporates on "Love and Theft" run the gamut from rockabilly to ragtime to country to blues to straight ahead rock. Dylan has always been one to write many humorous lines in his songs and they are here in abundance, with even a "Knock Knock" joke thrown in:
From "Po' Boy": "Knockin' on the door, I said who's there, where you from? Man said "Freddy". I said "Freddy who?" He said "Freddy or not here I come".
Maybe not very funny, and a bit corny, to read it here, but when sung by Dylan it is sure to bring a laugh.
Dylan has said that this is his most personal album he as ever released, so I am sure there will be many pouring over these lyrics to try and figure out the mystique that is Bob Dylan.
The album came out the day of the tragedy, and there are some lines within some of the songs that hit home and are a bit eerie to hear. The first line on the album is "Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, they're throwing knives into the trees". And on "Honest With Me" Dylan sings "Some things are too terrible to be true". In "Moonlight" he sings "While I'm preaching peace and harmony, the blessings of tranquility/Yet I know when the time is right to strike".
And get this line from "Sugar Boy": "Every moment of existence seems like some dirty trick/Happiness can come suddenly and leave just as quick/Any minute of the day the bubble can burst". That really hits home after the events of the past week. And on "High Water" Dylan sings of an apocalyptic, disastrous flood and people trying to escape the rising water and falling buildings:
"High water rising
Six inches above my head
Coffins dropping in the street
Like balloons made out of lead
Water poured into Vicksburgh
Don't know what I'm gonna do
"Don't reach out for me", she said
"Can't you see I'm drowning, too?"
It's rough out there
High Water everywhere."
And how about this from later in the song: "I want him dead or alive, either one I don't care". Similar to what President Bush said of Osami Bin Laden.
Yeah, maybe picking these lyrics out to relate to what has happened this week is a bit of a stretch. But "Love and Theft" is about the only music I have listened to since the tragedy, and some of those lines just shot through me like a knife and struck me as very eerie.
Anyway, all that aside, "Love and Theft" is further proof that Mr. Dylan is very much still among us and still providing us with some of the most compelling music out there. This release is receiving rave reviews...and for good reason. I will really miss the day Dylan says "That's it" and stops making music. But at 60 he is definitely still going strong. The man is amazing. Here's to atleast another 10 years.
And boy, doesn't Dylan's early classic "The Times They Are A-Changin'" ring true now?
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Mar 21, 2001
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Though I haven't listened to the whole album so far, I'm pretty impressed with what I have heard. Sounds like this could be his best album since Infidels.
A good year for Bob. First he gets an Oscar, then a
review from Rolling Stone (the first given to an album of all new material, since--I think--Neil Young's Sleeps With Angels in 1994).
I thought you deserved at least one response to your thoughtful post.

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