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Discussion in 'DVD' started by andrew markworthy, Mar 19, 2004.

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    The title is now out in R2, and as the features and set-up are v. similar to what you'll get in R1 next month, I thought it worthwhile posting here [though moderators, feel free to put this in the Regional section if you think it more appropriate].

    The movie itself is, I suspect, a matter of taste rather than an outright recommendation. If you hated Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill then I think there's little chance that you'll like Love Actually. On the other hand if you did like those two movies, it's not a guarantee that you'll like L.A. since the saccharin content is arguably a lot higher.

    The movie consists of a large number of vaguely interlocking plots, each concerning a different relationship. What this means is each plot gets a few minutes of screen time, chopped up throughout the movie. When I say that the plots are vaguely interlocking, this rarely amounts to more than the fact that some of the characters in the different plots know each other. The actions in one sub-plot are rarely a trigger for those in another. The result is that unless you really care about each plot, then you will rapidly get bored. And as I said, I think the saccharin level is higher in this movie than in previous excursions by the same team. I personally found myself gagging over some of the film (and I watched You've Got Mail with reasonable contentment). Nonetheless, there are some good moments, and some of the plots are better than others. IMHO the movie would have been far better with a third of the plots and more screen time given to each of them.

    For all my carping, I'd say it's worth seeing, just to see what the fuss was about (and as said, there are some geniunely funny bits).

    Picture quality and sound are nice and clean. There are a nice number of extras - good commentary track, nearly half an hour of deleted scenes, a music video (though I believe R1 will get a different one, for some reason), etc.
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    Christian Preischl

    Yeah, it seems R1 gets a Kelly Clarkson music video whereas R2 gets the hilarious "Billy Mack" video, shortly featured in the film, in its entirety.


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