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May 5, 1999
My List :
I prefer trades but I might sell as well.
Prices in US fund, it can be negotiable depending on the titles...
Decameron (Pier Paolo Pasolini)
Disney's Lady and the Tramp Limited Issue ** 25$
Disney's Little Mermaid Limited Issue ** 25$
Evil Dead 2 Limited Edition Tin Box ** 48459/50000 40$
Exterminator Director's cut (Anchor Bay) 20$
Frankenhooker ** 26$
Halloween Limited Edition 2 DVD Set #8486 65$
Hard Boiled Criterion Collection 90$
Hellraiser 1 & 2 Limited Edition Tin Box ** 25716
THE KILLER Criterion Collection *sold*
Let Sleeping corpses lie Limited Edition Tin Box 2024/5000
Nekromantik LE signed by Jorg Buttgereit numbered 134/500 ** 70$
Repo Man Limited Edition Tin Box ** 16854/3000
Robocop Criterion Collection **
Sid and Nancy Criterion Collection ** 100$
This is Spinal Tap Criterion Collection (only if the deal is right. The value is based on the ones selling on ebay) 125$
Silence Of the Lambs Criterion Collection **
Unbearable Lightness of Being Criterion Collection
Mainstream and others
12 Angry Men 11$ *sold*
Cannibal ! The Musical (Trey Parker, Matt Stone) Troma Films 15$ *sold*
Changeling 10$ *sold*
Farinelli : Il Castrato ** 18$
Faust Love of the Damned (Brazilian Uncut) Import NTSC R0 27$
Ginger Snaps Canadian Collector's edition 26$ new addition
House Limited Edition 1 & 2
Kwaidan criterion collection **
Natural Born killers Director's cut ** 18$
Pi 10$
Pink Floyd The Wall ** 17$
Seven Samurai Criterion Collection ** 33$
Video Essential **19$
Other Regions DVD
C'est Arrive pres de chez vous R2 ** (only DD french track no english) (Import from France) 27$ *sold*
Crying Freeman Special Limited Edition 2dvd Region 2 **
Faust Love of the Damned Region Free NTSC Import from Brazil 27$
In the mood for love Limited edition 2dvd R2 **
Les Bronzes (French without any english track or subtitles) Import from France (Has a few scratches but plays fine in my Malata) R2 10$ *sold*
Los Sin Nombre Import From France (Spanish with French Subtitles DD 5.1 or French DD 5.1) R2 20$ *sold*
WANT LIST :I'm willing to buy titles from my want list if I don't have anything you want
Shaolin Soccer
Airbags R2
Lock, stock and 2 smoking barrells R2
Dawn of the dead 2dvd set R2
Audition R3
Any Criterions
Dead Ringers cc
Charade cc
Amores Perros
Arabian Nights (Pasolini)
Army of darkness 2disc
Canterbury Tales
Cape Fear '91
Ed Gein the movie
Gospel According to St-Matthews
Ilsa she wolf of the SS
Open your eyes
Planet of the apes
Serial Killers Real life Hannibal Lecters
Stendhal Syndrome SE (Troma)
Suspiria 3disc
Time and Tide (Columbia Tri-star)
To catch a killer
and justice for all
assault on precint 13
boss of bosses 2001
clerks:uncensored 2dvd
dirty harry series collection
dumbo special edition
girlfight 2000
hell up in harlem
jurassik park 3 coll widsc
knight's tales
legally blonde
legend of the fall spec ed
matrix revisited
planet of the apes 2001
red dawn
right stuff,the
sand pebbles,the
score,the 2001
shrek 2001 widescreen
singin in the rain remaster
slaughter's rip off
swordfish 2001
Tomb raider 2001
tron 20th anniversary
under siege
when the sky falls 2001
many more, mainly rare, weird stuff and good foreign flicks...
Please post here or for quicker response [email protected]
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