Lots of laserdiscs for sale


Feb 17, 2000
I'm decided to sell my laserdisc collection so here it is...
First of all I'm sorry for the long post.
I prefer to sell the discs in bundels (to keep the number of shipments down). The prices can be discussed especially if you buy for more than $100. The number following the discs name and condition is the price in US$.
NEW!!! Lowered all prices by 40%. I'm also interested in trades towards DVDs and maybe hardware
Aliens (collectors edition) Worn12
Associate, The, AC-3 Mint6
Basic Instinct (remastered), AC-3 Mint12
Bed of Roses Mint6
Bird on a Wire Mint 6
Boyz n the Hood (Criterion) Mint15
Braveheart, AC-3, THX Worn6
Crimson Tide, AC-3, THX Worn6
Dr No (Criterion) Mint 15
Face/Off, AC-3, THX Mint6
Falling Down Mint6
Fifth Element, The, AC-3 MintHold
Firm, The Mint6
Fugative, The Mint6
GoldenEye, AC-3, THX MintHold
Graduate, The (25th anniversary ed.) MintHold
Great Escape, The (Criterion) Mint 30
Highlander (10th anniv. dir. cut), AC-3, THXMint15
I know what you did last summer, AC-3 Mint6
Independence Day, AC-3, THX Mint6
Jerry Maguire Mint 6
Judge Dredd, AC-3, THX Mint6
Junior Mint6
Jurassic Park, THX Mint 6
L.A. Confidential, AC-3 Mint6
Like Water for Chocolate Worn6
Malcolm X Worn3
Mars Attacks!, AC-3 Mint6
Mission Impossible, AC-3, THX Mint6
Mississippi Burning (Collectors Edition)Mint15
Moonstruck, AC-3 MintHold
My Best Friend's Wedding Mint Hold
Natural Born Killers Mint6
Nell, THX Mint6
Net, The Mint6
Nine Months, THX Mint6
Outbreak,AC-3 Mint6
Panther Mint6
Paths to Glory (Criterion) Mint30
Patriot Games MintHold
Point Break Mint Hold
Portrait of a Lady, the Mint6
Preachers Wife, The, AC-3 Mint6
Pulp Fiction, THX Mint 6
Rainmaker, The, AC-3 Mint6
Ransom, AC-3, THX Mint 6
Red Shoe Diaries 1&2 (4:3) Mint12
Relic, The, AC-3 Mint 6
Rising Sun, THX Mint Hold
RoboCop (Criterion) Mint30
Rock, The, AC-3, THX Mint 6
Scent of a Woman Mint6
Schindler's List, THX MintHold
Scream, AC-3 Mint6
Sea of Love MintHold
Seven (Criterion Box), AC-3 Mint30
Shawshank Redemption, The Mint 6
Shine (Criterion) Mint15
Silk Stockings Worn6
Sleepless in Seattle Mint6
Spartacus MintHold
Spawn, AC-3 Mint6
Speed, THX Mint 6
Stargate, AC-3, THX Mint6
Star Trek Generations, AC-3 Mint6
Star Trek First Contact, AC-3, THX Mint6
Star Wars trilogy (original non-THX) Worn10
Strange Days, AC-3, THX Mint6
Striptease Mint6
Terminator Mint 6
Terminator 2 (Special Edition), THX Mint6
That Old Feeling Mint6
Thelma & LouiseNear MintHold
Thomas Crown affair, The (McQueen) Mint Hold
Time to Kill, A, AC-3 Mint6
Tomorrow Never Dies, AC-3 Worn6
Top Gun (remastered), AC-3, THX Mint6
Touch Mint 6
To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything Mint6
Trainspotting (Criterion), AC-3 Mint15
True Lies, AC-3, THX MintHold
True Romance (Unrated directors cut) Mint 6
Unforgiven Mint6
Waiting to Exhale, AC-3 Mint6
Virtuosity, AC-3 Mint6
Video Essentials (4:3) Mint15
If someone is interested of the whole lot it's $send me an offer
Email: [email protected]

Mark Lee

Second Unit
Sep 4, 1998
Mark K. Lee
"Life is like a sewer -- what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
- Tom Lehrer

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
Interested in these:
Commitments, The Mint - 10
Fargo Mint 10
Graduate, The (25th anniversary ed.) Mint 10
Great Escape, The (Criterion) Mint - 50
Halloween (Criterion) Mint 20
Heat, AC-3 Mint 10
Jerry Maguire Mint - 10
JFK Mint 10
Malcolm X Worn 5
Mercury Rising, AC-3, THX Mint 10
Mississippi Burning (Collectors Edition) Mint 25
Moonstruck, AC-3 Mint 10
Point Break Mint - 10
Professional, The Mint 10
Rising Sun, THX Mint - 10
Schindler's List, THX Mint 25
Sleepless in Seattle Mint 10
Sneakers Mint 10
True Romance (Unrated directors cut) Mint - 10
And Top Gun


Second Unit
Nov 30, 2000
Paul, I'm interested in the following titles.
Ghost and the Darkness

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
I'll have to pass on my requests. So far, shipping LD's from the states, especially in large numbers, is not looking very affordable for me right now. Unless you know of a way to ship reasonably. I think shipping from CA to Toronto Canada is pricy though.

Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
Im interested in;
Judge Dredd
Some kind of Wonderful
Sudden Death
Time to Kill
Extreme Measures
Speed 2
I have a sealed DVD copy of Dances With Wolves DTS or the DD version, both are OOP. I will also through in with either a copy of Filmfest 4 which is a DVD magazine. LMK
Jeff Whitford
Hometheater Guru

Steven K

Supporting Actor
Jan 10, 2000
I'm interested in Trainspotting. Let me know if its still available. Thanks!

alan halvorson

Effects Supervisor
Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 1998
I think I asked you this once before but I don't remember the answer: Is the Criterion Dr. No the 1-disc CLV or the 2-disc CAV? If it is the later, I want it if it is in at least very good condition. Is Video Essentials the one with the black jacket? If so, I will be interested in that also, assuming again, that's in very good condition. Pending the answers I'm looking for, I will try to come up with a list of dvds for trade; if those aren't satisfactory, I'll just buy 'em.
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