Lots of DVDs for Trade (AB, Troma, Criterion, Disney,Box Set, Bond, Limited Edition)

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    May 5, 1999
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    *** = sealed
    ADDED = new to listing
    OOP = Out of Print
    I'm only selling the ones with prices (in US fund). The others are for trade only. Thanks
    Carnival Of Souls (not sure I want to trade this one)
    Hard Boiled oop
    Robocop oop
    Silence Of the Lambs oop ***
    Unbearable Lightness of Being oop
    101 Dalmatians Limited Issue oop ***
    Hunchback of Notre Dame R2 (see below for more details on the edition)
    Pinocchio Limited issue oop ***
    Anchor Bay
    ARMY OF DARKNESS Limited Edition 2 DVD oop
    BAD TASTE Limited Edition 2 DVD
    THE BEYOND Tin Box oop
    EVIL DEAD 2 Tin Box oop ***
    HALLOWEEN Limited Edition 2 DVD oop ***
    HELLRAISER 1 & 2 Tin Box oop ***
    HOUSE 1 & 2 Limited Edition***
    MANIAC Tin Box oop ***
    REPO MAN Tin Box oop ***
    TWO LANE BLACKTOP Tin Box oop ***
    Demon Knight oop
    Night of the living Dead (ELITE) 10$
    Sucker the Vampire (Troma)
    James Bond
    Dr No SE oop ***
    Goldfinger SE oop ***
    Living Daylights SE oop ***
    Moonraker SE oop***
    World is not enough oop
    8mm 10$
    Akira Limited Edition Tin Box *** oop
    Animal House CE oop ***
    Basic Instinct Unrated with Ice Pick Case Limited Edition ADDED
    Big Hit
    Green Mile ***
    Lock, Stock and two smoking Barrels
    Patton 2-DVD SET (THX) oop ***
    Platoon ADDED
    Pulp Fiction Canadian Import ADDED
    Sick life and Death of Bob Flanagan Supermasochist ***
    Thesis (English Sub)
    Wayne's World
    Pier Paolo Pasolini want to swap as a set only!
    - Gospel according to St-Matthew (Pier Paolo Pasolini) oop
    Trilogy of Life :
    - Decameron oop ***
    - Canterbury Tales oop
    - Arabian Nights oop
    Other Regions (non Region 1)
    -Brotherhood of Wolf aka Pacte des loups Limited Deluxe 3 DVD Box Set (Official France Import), R2 Pal French Only oop ***
    -Child's Play 3 uncut R4 Pal (Australian Import) Anamorphic WS, Dolby Digital, Trailer ***
    -Crimsom Rivers 2 Disc set DTS R2 (Official France Import) French only
    -Hunchback Of Notre Dame *Disney's Animated Classic* R2 Pal (Official France Import) English DD 5.1 or French Dolby Digital 5.1 track included + 6 other audio tracks in DD 2.0 available
    -Jackie Brown R4 Pal (Australian Import) Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 etc... ADDED
    -Man Bites Dog R4 Pal (Australian Import) English Sub, Dolby Digital, Trailers
    -Matrix uncut R4 Pal (Australian Import) WS, DD 5.1, plenty of extras ***
    -Once were Warriors R4 Pal (Australian Import) DD 5.1, Director's Narration, Interviews etc... *** Pending
    -Silent Running R4 Pal (Australian Import) Letterbox, trailer, scene access
    -Wild Zero R2 NTSC (Japan Import) Letterbox, Removable English sub., Behind the Scenes Featurette, Trailer, distributed by King Records
    WANT : I'm willing to buy if you don't find anything from my trade list.
    Abre Los Ojos R2
    Emmanuelle and last cannibals R2 (high want)
    Europa R2
    Lock, Stock and two smoking barrells Director's cut R2
    Lock, Stock TV series R2
    Los Sin Nombre R2
    Visitor Q (German Import)
    400 blows cc
    Charade cc
    other criterions
    Amores Perros
    Arabian Nights (Pasolini)
    Army of darkness 2disc
    Bad Taste Limited Edition
    Big Hit (Superbit)
    Buio Omega aka Buried Alive aka Beyond the Darkness
    Canterbury Tales
    Cape Fear '91
    Cut Thoats Nine Limited Edition
    Ed Gein the movie
    Evil Dead Limited Edition Book of the dead
    Gospel According to St-Matthew
    Killer cc
    Lady in White (Elite)
    OZ - Complete first season
    Rabid Dogs
    Salo cc
    Twin Peaks TV series (High want)
    Twin Peaks - Fire walk with me
    This is spinal tap cc
    To catch a killer
    Wicker man Limited Wooden Box
    a tribute to bruce lee
    Buckaroo banzai
    Fifth Element (superbit)
    Pretty Woman 10th Ann.
    The Mummy Box set Widescreen
    I'm taking offers!!!
    I'm a Gold Trader at dvdtalk
    I'm +5 here
  2. Benoit

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    May 5, 1999
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  3. Benoit

    Benoit Stunt Coordinator

    May 5, 1999
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