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Lots of DVDs (Criterions, Alien box set, X-Files box set, many others) (1 Viewer)

Mark Lee

Second Unit
Sep 4, 1998
Take a gander -- you can probably find something you want! Those discs with prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping in the price (multiple discs will naturally get a few bucks shaved off the shipping).
For Trade:
Alien Legacy box set (no shrink wrap, but never played -- bonus trading cards still in shrink wrap!)
X-Files Season One box set
Hard-Boiled CC (OOP, sealed)
Sid and Nancy CC (OOP, sealed)
Silence of the Lambs CC (OOP, sealed)
The Red Shoes: CC (sealed)
Wallace and Gromit: The First Three Adventures (OOP, sealed)
Cast Away: SE (sealed)
Seven (2 disc set, sealed)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (sealed)
Men in Black LE (2 disc set, sealed)
Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box (sealed)
X-Men (sealed)
Pinocchio (sealed)
Platoon (OOP Live version) $20
Pleasantville $15
Monty Python and the Holy Grail $12
Misery $12
Rushmore (Buena Vista version) $12
8 1/2 Women $12
Seven (non-SE)* $10
Terminator 2 (non-SE)* $10
Glory (non-SE)* $10
The Fugitive (non-SE)* $10
DTS demo disc #3 (Titanic, Dragonheart, etc.)
DTS demo disc #4 (SPR, The Haunting, etc.)
Total Movie magazine issue #1 (sealed, includes DVD, of course!)
* I'd do 2-for-1 on these (or even 3-for-1, depending on the disc).
My want list:
And God Created Woman CC
The Blob CC
Peeping Tom CC
Le Million CC
M. Hulot's Holiday CC
Insomnia CC
The Seventh Seal CC
Sullivan's Travels CC (preorder)
....and many other Criterions!!
The Birds CE
Leon: The Professional (fixed audio)
The Fugitive: SE
Dead Kennedys: DMPO's on Broadway
Dead Kennedys: The Early Years
Ministry: Tapes of Wrath
....and many others that I can't recall right now, so make an offer!
Mark K. Lee
"Life is like a sewer -- what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
- Tom Lehrer

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