Lots FT-Tuxedo, Swimfan, Ins. Gadget 2, Day the Earth Stood Still + More!!

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  1. Gabe Sigler

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    Dec 1, 2001
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    For Trade:

    The Tuxedo (WS) -Canadian cover-otherwise identical to US vers.

    Troop Beverly Hills-Promo, but identical to reg. version

    Swimfan- Promo, but contents identical to regular release.

    The Day the Earth Stood Still- Promo, but contents identical to regular release.

    Quest For Fire- Promo, but contents identical to regular release.

    Journey To the Center of The Earth- Promo, but contents identical to regular release.

    Moonlight Mile

    The Banger Sisters (SEALED!)

    Jonah VeggieTales 2-Disc SE (TONS of extras & one of the nicest transfers you will ever see!) (PENDING)

    Malevolent (Sealed) -Lou Diamond Phillips, Kari Wuhrer (Mmm).

    Motorcycle Gang - (Sealed) Jake Busey

    The Banger Sisters (Sealed)

    An Affair To Remember- Fox Studio Classics SE Version- Promo, but identical contents to reg. version

    Inspector Gadget 2 (Sealed)

    Belle's Magical World (Beauty and the Beast Sequel) -Sealed, w/ free gift mirror!

    Assunder- (Sealed) Steamy thriller starring Blair Underwood

    Windtalkers (Mint)

    Here is a very partial want list- below is a link to a more expanded list. MAIN WANTS: (If you have one of these you can almost guarantee a trade!)

    -Pretty in Pink
    -Some Kind Of Wonderfull
    -Better Off Dead
    -The Ref
    -Star Trek 2 DC
    -Pulp Fiction CE
    -The Bourne Identity (WS)
    -Glory Daze
    -Gremlins SE
    -Session 9

    Some other wants;

    Thanks, and please e-mail me at : [email protected] with any offers!
  2. Marc Carra

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    Aug 31, 1997
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    Gabe, any interest in trading for Das Boot- Superbit edition?


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