Looney Tunes Volume 2 Reviews?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Jaime_Weinman, Oct 26, 2004.

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    I guess it's still a bit early to be looking for reviews of this set (given the amount of material on it, it'll probably take a while for reviewers to do a review), but I thought I'd start this thread in case anyone's found any advance reviews, lists of the complete bonus material, etc.

    Meanwhile, Jerry Beck, a consulting producer on this set, has glowing praise for the new set, pronouncing it better than the first (I can believe that, because overall I think the selection of cartoons is better this time), and posts screenshots of sequences that haven't been seen in years, including opening and closing titles that were removed for the "Blue Ribbon" reissues. (A few of the cartoons will still be sans their original opening titles, because WB cut the negatives when they reissued the cartoons in the Blue-Ribbon series, but I'm happy to just see some of these cartoons get their opening titles -- and Carl Stalling's main title music -- rediscovered.)
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    These sets need no reviews, we can all purchase with confidence!!! [​IMG]

    Next Tuesday feels like a year away!!!!

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