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    Does anyone have a list of what Looney Tunes laserdiscs were released? I mean the individual titles not the "Golden Age" box sets. I trying to put a set together. Thanks!
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    I can only tell you the two I have.

    Bugs Bunny Classics:

    The Heckling Hare

    Racketeer Rabbit

    Hare Trigger

    Acrobatty Bunny

    Haredevil Hare

    Rabbit Punch

    Bugs Bunny Rides Again

    Hair-Raising Hare

    Hare Tonic

    Easter Yeggs

    Buccaneer Bunny

    Hare Force

    A Feather in his Hare

    A Hare Grows in Manhattan

    and my favorite

    Looney Tunes Curtain Calls:

    Rabbit of Seville

    One Froggy Evening

    Hillbilly Hare

    Curtain Razor

    What's Up Doc?

    Nelly's Folly

    The Scarlet Pumpernickel

    Show Biz Bugs

    Three Little Bops

    Baton Bunny

    High Note

    Long-Haired Hare

    Tweety's Circus

    What's Opera, Doc?
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    Patrick McCart
    In that site, at http://www.toonzone.net/looney/video/videomgmlaser.html
    you can find a comprehensive listing of the GAOLT LD sets as well as the other Turner laserdiscs.
    If you were to own all 5 LD volumes of GAOLT, you would own nearly all of the Turner WB Cartoon catalog (11 very un-PC cartoons were omitted). Also look for original versions of Volume One since it was re-released with Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips replaced by another cartoon. (Very funny, but dated adventure with Bugs Bunny "visiting" Japan in the middle of World War II. It does contain a lot of racial slurs, but it's worth a look just for the fight between Bugs Bunny and a sumo wrestler.)
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    There are also two Japanese box sets, 3 discs, 30 cartoons each set. None of these cartoons appear on any domestic release although some do show up on The Cartoon Network. Good luck trying to find them; they're rare and usually very expensive. I was fortunate to find both sets in mint condition for $90 each.

    I am the guy you should be talking to if you're trying to complete a set of all the single disc LDs - I have two of each, all excellent, with the exception of Wartime Cartoons. I don't know if I'm willing to part them out though, and they certainly won't be cheap.
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    Well I have two of the Golden Age sets and several of the single LD releases.

    I have the previously 2 plus I have one that is all of the scary ones. Forgot the name off the top of my head.

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    The scary cartoons LD was called LOONEY TUNES AFTER

    DARK. There were 12 Warner LDs, usually with 14

    cartoons each though LOONEY TUNES ASSORTED NUTS

    managed to squeeze on a couple more. All of

    the Chuck Jones classics were put on disc, including

    his Bugs Bunny musicals, "One Froggy Evening", his

    Daffy Duck as fumbling hero cartoons, the Rabbit

    Season-Duck Season trilogy, and several of his Road

    Runner cartoons of the 1950s. They also did a good

    job of selecting Friz Freleng's best work including

    many of the funniest Tweety cartoons and the Freleng

    musicals like "Three Little Bops", and "Show Biz

    Bugs". One thing that has always baffled me, though,

    is why Foghorn Leghorn was so underrepresented. On

    the Warner Bros. domestic 12 discs, there is not

    one Leghorn cartoon. And only one of them was on

    the Japanese LDs, and that was only because it also

    starred Daffy Duck.

    If VCD quality doesn't bother you, most of the Japanese

    LDs have been rereleased as VCDs. They include the

    Stars of Space Jam and Bugs and Friends sets, and there

    are even VCDs with cartoons never released on LD.

    Rather begs the question. What is wrong with rereleasing

    these compilations, as they are, on DVD?
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