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Discussion in 'DVD' started by PaulBigelow, Dec 6, 2003.

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    Great collection. Wonderful color. Been watching it on a Toshiba SD-P1000 LCD portable. This player is incredible. Everything is razor sharp and one can actually follow the dust specks on the individual cells as they are changed. It's a small screen but the picture quality is just fabulous.

    A few items:

    1) It is noticed that the opening credits on each of the shorts do not fill up the 4:3 frame. Once the main cartoon begins then the full 4:3 frame is filled. (The Toshiba SD-P1000 has virtually no pixel cropping for either the player or the LCD screen)

    2) Are the opening credits - specifically the Looney Tunes display -- the theactrical originals in all cases?

    3) "The Bugs Bunny Show" material switches from B&W to color. It is explained that surviving elements were used. CBS television used, in part, these elements for years -- well into the 80's. Are some of these elements now missing (end credits, for example)?
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    A) The shorts were shot in the old Academy ratio which is very close to the AR of a TV set, so they didn't feel it necessary to "windowbox" the entire cartoons. However, due to overscan, parts of credits would be cropped if they didn't, so only the credits are windowboxed. Personally, I wish they would (mildly) windowbox the entire cartoons (and any Academy movie, for that matter).

    B) Not in all cases. The "Blue Ribbon" titles were spliced right into the negatives for re-releases years later. The restoration team managed to restore quite a few of them from prints from various sources, but not all.

    C) The SatAM CBS show (and, IIRC, a Canadian version) is indeed the only remaining source of color footage. The original negatives were cut up for use on that show, so complete original shows only exist as B&W broadcast prints (usually, if not always, in 16mm). The end credits were different so could not be used. Jerry Beck has been trying to convince WB to restore all of the original shows with existing color footage and colorized B&W footage for years...maybe the phenomenal sales of the set will convince them.
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    Patrick McCart
    1. The opening credits are "windowboxed" to prevent text from being cropped by monitors. (In a lot of the cartoons, shots with subtitles or text are windowboxed... Deduce You Say, for example)

    2. Yes and no. The original negatives were altered to include Blue Ribbon openings in the 1940's and 1950's. However, since most of the post-1948 cartoons retained their credits and only lost their rings... it's not that big of a deal. Some cartoons have surviving prints with original titles and WB has used them for the video transfers. The Foghorn Leghorn, Kit For Kat, and Scaredy Cat had opening titles captured from vintage 35mm dye-transfer nitrate prints. Book Revue, Hop Look and Listen, A Wild Hare, and Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt are all known to have surviving 35mm dye-transfer prints, too. UCLA may also have 35mm dye-transfer nitrate prints of a handful of other cartoons...

    3. The original color elements were later re-edited to be part of other cartoon shows. So, they have uncut B&W elements of the original Bugs Bunny Show, they only have partial elements in color from the later re-edits. It's been rumored that the color elements are in Europe somewhere, though.
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