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Looks like Dolby Vision calibration on 2017 LG OLED's is coming together

Discussion in 'Displays' started by gadgtfreek, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. 21 Jul 17, 2017
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    CraigF Cinematographer

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    ^ Ah yes, since this is an LG thread, it seems like I was referring to LG brightness (E7 in the shootout's case). Whereas your comments were made referring to a specific non-LG model. Sorry if it seemed I was putting words in your mouth, I actually tried not to. :)

    I just meant it as a general comment, re my own "issue", and that some others note extreme brightness in light-controlled rooms, with some displays, with some HDR source material, etc.

    Is there a mechanism where one can select a limiting maximum brightness, and then have all the HDR material "scaled" to this maximum brightness? Dynamic range compression for HDR, rather than "chopping" and "mapping". I can see this idea flying well...:)

    I realize that in the E6 I have, this isn't really a practical issue, nor would it be (I assume) with the E7. But speaking generally, of all technologies, which will likely include consumer OLED soon enough. What I'm saying is that you could still get the whole range of HDR material, it's just scaled a little more to your viewing conditions/preferences. You would still calibrate to the ISF standard, then invoke the brightness compression mechanism to suit the customer (and they could adjust it too). Basically, a "volume knob" for maximum brightness, something that doesn't affect the underlying calibration. For all I know this may already be in some models of LCD panels, I have no experience with good HDR-capable ones.

    mentioned something about some studios possibly considering authoring UHDs to 1000 nits, sort of the same thing, except invoked at the source level. In some peoples' eyes this would seem more legitimate, since it's done at the source. To me, compression is compression, and I'd rather have a "pure" source, and then choose at my end whether to invoke compression or not.

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