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Dec 6, 2006
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Al Ferguson
I'm in the process of doing some upgrading to my system. Initially, the plan was to acquire either the Denon 4306 or 4806 receivers. The 4806 would be bought as being refurbished.

However, I'm now leaning towards seperates because sonically they could be better. I'm looking at the Outlaw 990 and either Outlaw's associated power amp or the older Denon 3 channel Poa 8300 ( I already own a seperate power amp) or the Rotel RMB-1075 5-channel power amplifier.

My speakers consists of B&W DM 7 MKIIs for front and B&W Center and rears. My sub is the Velodyne DPS12. My CD/DVD player consist of the Denon 3910. My panel is the Samsung 50" DLP.

Considering the choices I listed above in your opinion would it be better to go with one of the Denon Receivers or go the seperates route? My budget for replacing my current Sony receiver is about $2100.

What's important to me is how it sounds especially when listening to 2 channel music! It's all about the sonics.

The Outlaw does not offer the advanced audio/video switching like the Denons but that's not important to me. However, I am using the HDMI connection from my 3910 to my panel and simply going fiber to my current receiver.

I don't have access to the Denon 3 channel amp to get a flavor for how it sounds and of course the Outlaw 990 is bought online only.

However, the Rotel unit is available at one of my local A/V stores.

Give me some input!


Alon Goldberg

Jul 10, 2006
Real Name
Alon Goldberg
Have you considered purchasing a receiver, plus using pre-outs to connect a poweramp for the front stereo speakers?

Rotel RSX-1057 receiver or Denon AVR-3806
Rotel RB-1080 poweramp (2x200W)

This will give you exceptional 2 channel performance, very good audio processing and full surround sound, while still providing you with video switching.

Arthur S

Senior HTF Member
Jul 2, 1999
Hi Al

I just bought a Denon 5803A. It does not have video switching, however it is a classic receiver with tremendous power and a ton of inputs and outputs. It also has some of the best DACs ever made. Some people have bought them for as little as $2,100, however, they are not very common.

The 5803A weighs 64 pounds and tested at 118 watts X 7 with all channels driven. It has Denon Link 3, a Pure Direct (Audio) Mode, and is rated to draw a maximum of 13 amps. If you would like to know more about it, please send me a Private Message.

Happy Holidays

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