looking to upgrade to 7.1 speaker system 3D style

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by mase, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Hey guys.

    yes' i've read ALOT but still would like to open this thread and ask the most obvious question.

    please forgive me if i piss someone off by asking such a broad question....

    so i have the bose (yes, yes - bose) lifestyle V30 theater system

    and up till today i TOTALLY enjoyed it.

    i think amazing sound from such small speakers.

    now the thing is that i am starting to upgrade my entire theater system to support 3D with HDMI 1.4

    first step was to get the yamaha rx-677bl receiver.

    just ordered today.

    next step is the speakers

    and 3rd step will be the TV & BD player (with that ill wait for black friday)



    i decided to either do 1 of 2 things :


    1. contact Bose and see if i can buy the accoustimas sub powered unit to connect to my yamaha and use the cube speakers i already have and use 6.1 setup


    2. buy new speakers and use 7.1 / 6.1 setup


    my question is

    what would u guys suggest?

    should i sell my bose system on ebay for like 999$ and buy new speakers?

    in that case can you please give advices?

    i am looking for small satallite speakers that will not screw up the sound and give give quality.

    i understand that stand floor speakers are better and richer and if i wont have the choice i will go with that but i wanted to know if there is the possibility of getting the size and quality of the bose.....

    i liked it when it is smal and elegant.


    what about speakers sets? those for up to 900$ or so?

    is POLK audio any good?

    onkyo maybe?

    or i should go with seperate sub, rears, center and fronts?

    please advice.

    thank you.
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    Welcome to HTF!


    While speakers are a personal choice for what each person likes, I seriously doubt you will find anyone here (or elsewhere) who would recommend staying with Bose speakers. If you can get $900 for them on ebay, do it immediately. Bose are very low-end speakers that are extremely overpriced, IMO.


    I would definitely recommend staying with a single brand and model for all speakers, as it will provide a better blend of sound as the soundtrack moves across the sound field. It is especially critical that your front left/right and center speaker be matched for seamless sound.


    As for brands, I have not shopped for speakers in quite a few years, but I have always been impressed by Energy and Klipsch's offerings in the small satellite speaker market. Polk, which you mentioned, is also a fine brand.


    Since speaker sound is so personal, it is best if you can audition a few brands before purchase. Another alternative that I am sure someone will mention, though, are some of the Internet-only speaker brands, such as SVS. They have an excellent reputation for quality speakers at a very fair price (the exact opposite of Bose).


    The following link is several years old, but still applies. It's very good reading as to why your Bose speakers are not well regarded in the audio world.


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    Jason Charlton

    Once you start listening to other speaker brands, you'll come to the realization that the Bose system wasn't "quality" in any sense of the word. Unfortunately, their extremely small size is a large contributor to this poor quality (there are many other reasons, as you will discover if you read the link that Scott provided).


    Simply put, two identical tiny drivers simply cannot reproduce the full spectrum of sound. There are a handful of manufacturers (such as Energy) that achieve good sound with a form factor that is almost as small as the Bose, but not quite as tiny.


    Good quality sound and Bose-size form factor are really not possible. You'll have to compromise on one of those criteria.

    Scott mentioned some excellent alternatives. the biggest benefit of having a Bose system is the high resale value. If you can get close to $900 for the system, you will have the means to get an outstanding replacement that will blow the Bose out of the water. Good luck.
  4. mase

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    Sep 24, 2010
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    thank you all

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