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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by FWSoccerDad, Jan 23, 2010.

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    I’m just now starting to kick the tires on upgrading my sub, speakers, and a/v receiver. Unfortunately, I probably won’t purchase everything simultaneously. I’ll probably start either with my A/V receiver or sub. I’d likely start with my A/V receiver but my sub has gone out and so I need a new one more than I need a new A/V receiver, though, if I get a good deal on the receiver, I may start with it anyway. Nonetheless, my room is about 16x18 and is rectangular in shape. Because of the room configuration, my home theater system is centrally placed on the 18’ wall, making my system to face the 16’ direction. My current components include:

    · TV: Panasonic TC-P58S1 58” plasma
    · Receiver: Yamaha HTR-5790
    · Blue Ray: Panasonic DMP-BD60
    · PVR: DirecTV HR22-100
    · Game System (used primarily as a media center, not a big game playing household): Xbox 360
    · VCR/DVD Rec: Panasonic DMR-EX48V
    · Main Speakers: Yamaha NS-A1237
    · Center Speaker: JBL Studio Series S-Center
    · Rear Surround: Yamaha NS-A327
    · Rear Back: Yamaha NS-AP4400s

    I’m all but determined to go update to the Pioneer Elite SC-25 or SC-27 as my A/V receiver and have all but decided to go with an SVS Sub. My question is which sub do I need based on my room size and components? Also, and I know this may be out of line, but do you think, until I replace my entire system, I should swap my rear backs and rear surrounds?

    I'm seeking recommendations on all components mentioned and/or I should consider. Please, however, keep in mind, under no circumstances, will I buy a Samsung product. I likely will not upgrade my TV for quite some time so I'd prefer to focus on everything else.

    Thanks so much for your help.
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    SVS makes great subs as do a few other companies. Get as much sub as you can affort because it always gets the most workout. As I mention in ever sub question like this, have you considered DIY?
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    Give the guys at SV Sound a call and they will fix you up with the right sub for your room. They will never over sell you and if you aren't happy with the outcome you can always return it for your money back. Tell them the guys at Home Theater Forum sent you over and they might even give you a special deal. (No promises but we have a very good relationship with them and have had for around 11 years).

    I have a Pioneer SC-05 and love it. I heard the 25 at CEDIA last year and thought it was great too. One thing to watch out for is Sixth Avenue has these sales every once in awhile where you get to name your price. I was able to pick up my SC 05 for $800. Who knows what you could get the 25 or 27 from them for.

    I am of the matching speakers camp as the best. So if you have Yamahas or JBLs I think they should all be by the same manufacturer as they will be timbre matched and have similar characteristics. Speakers are very subjective. I would put as much of your system as you can together up front and leave your speakers as they are. Then after you get your new receiver and sub if they still sound good hang on to them and save the bucks for more DVDs or even a front projection system later on.

    Just my own 2 cents and I am sure you will get plenty of other responses from members that have been there and done that.

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