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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Philip-P, Dec 9, 2003.

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    I will be purhcasing a 50 inch plasma in the next upcoming weeks, and I am looking at Sony, LG, and Pioneer currently. My price range is from around $5000-$14,000. I want a fully HDTV capable plasma, with all the necessary hardware included with it, I will also be playing alot of video games on the plasma, so I want to make sure it wont have burn-in issues with that. Any suggestions that any of you may have, would be extremelly appreciated. I just joined this forum, and look forward to meeting some wonderful people here. Thanks for your time [​IMG]
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    Philip, recommended reading is the www.avsforum.com - plasma and LCD forum. Around here everyone seems to be an RPTV fan [​IMG] I'm a gamer myself - hard to cluster a bunch of people around a TV that washes out at angles.

    You shouldn't have a burn in problem given some care with it - calibrate it with Avia by turning down the contrast, brightness, etc.

    With plasma, top of the heap is Fujitsu (expensive), followed by Panasonic (best black levels) and Pioneer. NEC's supposed to have some good models now, but they're not available in retail. and the new Toshibas have some NEC components, and are getting some good buzz. Don't do Sony, they're generally regarded as a little bit behind the tech curve, and for way to much $$.

    Any plasma researcher should read the avsforum plasma FAQ @

    And you can get a much better deal than the retail prices on these. Check out


    I wish I even had $3k for my Panny 42" ED plasma.

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