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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by MikeBisch, May 19, 2003.

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    Well, I can no longer justify having a high end 2 channel set of electronics. I don't use it and in the new house I want to have a HT in the basement. Right now my 2 channel rig is as follows...

    B&W Matrix 803sII
    Audio Electronics AE-1 tube preamp
    Meridian 506 cd player
    Pass Aleph 3 amp.

    The HT as it stands now is a hodgpodge of stuff added on to the 2 channel.

    For simplicity I would like to get a Pre/Pro and multichanl amp. 2 channel music is still a concern: it needs to be reasonably good.

    After a little research I have found a few combos that fit my budget. Two of them being the Rotel 1066/1075 and the Outlaw combo. Is either one of them going to be satisfactory for music listening? How are the Outlaw amps? Haven't heard too much about them. For those who own the Outlaw does it look as cheesy in real life as it does on the website?

    Also, how does the 1055 reciever differ form the 1066 prepro besides the obvious amps in the 1055?

    What is everyones opinion?

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