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Looking to get a large 85"+ TV (1 Viewer)


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Jan 15, 2001
I am currently looking to upgrade from a 75" Samsung LCD. I sit about 11 ft away from the screen in a room where I have total light control.

My current contenders for TVs are Samsung Q90T (on sale for $3500), Sony X900H (supposed to be better than X950H in no light), and possibly a LG CX. Currently the Q90T is in the lead (has wide viewing angle, an advantage over the Sony. The OLED is only 77", so I am not sure that is really big enough and is last on my list. For a budget option, I am looking at the Hisense H65. It is just over half the price of the Q90T and CX, so maybe I can upgrade in a few years and get 85" OLED.

I also looked into a projector. I would be about 12.5' from the wall for a projector. My issues are that the ceiling drops (it is in the basement) around where I would mount the projector, which also happens to be just over the seating area. This means the projector would be hanging very low either right over the couch or n a walkway.

Then I stumbled upon the Hisense Laser TV (100"). This looked promising, but with the extra distance, my viewing angle barely changes from the 85", which is closer (31.8 for 85" vs 32.8 for 100").
I then found the Vava ultra-short-throw projector, which can get me 100", which gives me a viewing angle of 34.4 (seems significantly better, but not sure). My concern with these products is that I can't seem to find a local dealer, so I really have no hope of seeing these in-person. I would also need a screen installed, which would require a bit of carpentry to get rid if the recesses in the wall.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Nov 9, 2020
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what are your priorities in a large TV / Projector? I personally like OLED tv's but they get to be very $$$ in the big sizes. I try to give myself a spec and price point and so when this becomes available I have already made my decision. Of course it must actually perform and not just be good on paper.

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