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Looking for the best < £550 Projector + 100" Screen (2.5m-3m throw) (1 Viewer)

Dom Haughton

Feb 17, 2016
Real Name
Domje H

Apologies in advance as I guess that there will have been hundreds of threads like this already. I've wanted a projector/home cinema room for a while now and I've just moved house and I'm going to take the plunge.

I'm looking for a projector which will project to a (ideally) 100" screen from around 2.5-3m away (3m at an absolute push) which is under £550?

I'm looking for:
  • 1080p - I watch Bluray/1080p movies & TV.
  • I'm Not bothered about 3D (It would be nice but isn't a huge selling point to me).
  • Throw distance ideally would be around 2.5m but the length of the room is around 3m
  • No speaker needed - I have my own speakers for this.
  • Occasionally used for gaming... mainly PC.
Possible Options I've found:
  • Epson EH TW5100 @ £459 (Amazon)
  • Epson EH TW5200 @ £590 (Amazon) - Is there much difference to the TW5100? Also out of budget.
  • Optoma HD141X @ £449 (Amazon)
  • Optoma GT1070X @ £570 (Amazon) - Also over budget but 1m throw sounds good?
  • BenQ W1070+ @ £599 (Amazon) - Pretty much out of budget I think..
  • BenQ TH681+ @ £459 (Amazon) - Is 144Hz an advantage (it is when using for FPS gaming on Monitors but won't be playing FPS on this...)

I'm also looking at screens, I would like an electric screen but don't want to break the bank a huge amount - this would be a cost on top of the projector costs above, am I being unrealistic wanting to spend under £100?

I've found these:
Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and I'll welcome any recommendations!

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