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    Feb 3, 2003
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    Hi. A fiend of mine in the Milwaukee area is setting up a HT for the first time. He has significant spouse factors. To wit:

    - No sub - and the way the room and furnishings set up there's really no way to hide a sub.
    - No equipment rack - so his components will share space on top of his Mitsu 55" widescreen. 15" available for a center.

    The HT is in a 20 tall room which is open to most of the rest of the house so whatever he chooses will not generate a lot of sound pressure in any case.

    He's currently looking at DT's BP2006TL powered speakers left and right with the Procenter 100 on the TV. BP1.2X on the walls about 15' up and 10 feet behind the main listening spot. Electronics currently undefined/unexplored.

    The speaker setup above retails at about $1750 although we'll get that down a little. Budget probably runs up to about $2500 although he'd rather be right in that range.

    He will probably use this 95%+ for video and the majority of that will be regular TV viewing. I'm not overly impressed by the Procenter 100 but it fits the space on the TV.

    Any suggestions?
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    I can't really help with the speakers but perhaps he could take over a closet for the equipment. Get one of those IR eyes installed so the stuff could be controlled and you'd have a very clean install to keep the wife happy. If that doesn't work there is always divorce court. :>)

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