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May 6, 2003
Hey All,
I'm looking into getting a new reciever.. as my old amplifier is crapping out from me trying to plug too many speakers into it :D . I'm also trying to get into the Home Theatre arena.. i've been slowly building my setup.
Here's what i have so far.. then i'll say what i'd like to have:


Mission m74 front
Mission 701 bookshelf rear
Mission m7c2 center


Sony Amplifier(an old TA series. damn good though)
Pioneer DV-333 DVD player
Pioneer CD Player(not sure of model)
Digital tv reciever(scientific atlanata explorer 2000)

I know that what i have isn't exactly the best on the market... my speakers i think are the only 'stand-out' products i have(i must admit i love 'em!)
Anyways. I'm looking for a Pioneer Reciever(hopefully) mainly for continuity purposes... so i only need to have 1 remote for all 3 machines, and good 5.1(at least) sound.
However.. i also require(very important this one) good music sound.. so my CD's don't sound flat and horrible. My only other concern is i have my DVD player hooked up through Composite, and my Digital box though coax; so i'd like to be able to plug it all into the reciever and have just the one cable to my TV.
Also.. since i don't have a Sub yet, something that would be able to pump the bass through my other speakers would be great.
I don't really want to spend a fortune on this.. but if a different company has a better machine.. then i'll definately go for it instead.

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great! If you need more info.. gimme a shout and i'll help as much as possible!



Second Unit
Apr 29, 2003
Pioneer has a new line of receivers coming out (not the Elite line) that are supposed to be pretty good for the money. I think the top of the line 912K is going to run around $500, give/take a few bucks. I'm not sure about all the inputs and outputs on it. You might be best off to check out Pioneer's website (www.pioneerelectronics.com) to see which model best suits your needs and go from there. I have an Elite 45TX that does a stellar job for both movies and music. I split time about 50/50 between the 2. I'm not sure about the video switching on it. I think you can run 2 component inputs into it and it will automatically switch which one you are using to the TV through 1 component output. My widescreen has 2 component inputs, so I just run things straight into the TV. I figure what is a receiver going to do processing-wise that will make the picture better. Until I have more than 3 component machines, I'll keep it like this. The 45TX can be had for approx. $1100 from a bricks and mortar authorized dealer, or cheaper from some online places. There are also some less expensive Elite receivers out there. Best of luck.


May 6, 2003
I've had a long look at the 912. I've seen it online for about $270US(i'm in canada.. so that means something!!!) and it does look pretty good. But from what i've heard Pioneer have has a few issues with straight music. But then i haven't seen any reviews of this machine to make any conclusions.. it's probably too early on the market.
It's one that is definately on my list to hassle the guy at the store to hook up so i can listen to it.

Are there any other machines that might be alternatives?

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