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    I own a Denon 2801 receiver (90 watts per channel) and recently purchased a pair of Swan Diva 6.1 speakers. They are awesome and I now find that I enjoy listening to music in 2-channel stereo whereas before (due to limitations in my previous speakers) I listened in 5-channel stereo mode.

    My understanding is that I might further improve my listening experience by upgrading to a more powerful amp. At some point, I plan to go the "separates" route (probably the Outlaw 950/770 combo) but that's a step that is down the road a ways.

    In the meantime, would I (looking for opinions here) benefit from purchasing a Sampson S700 amp and using it to power the mains? Under that scenario, my understanding is that I would connect the FR and FL pre-outs on my receiver to the inputs on the amp.

    Stupid Quesions:

    (1) If I did that, would the volume control on the receiver still affect the volume of the mains?

    (2) Would I find that keeping the volume of the mains calibrated to the other speakers (C, SR, SL, SW) would essentially negate the benefits of the separate amp?

    Opinions requested.

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    1) yes, when using pre-out to feed external amp, you still can use master volume to control level gfor all speakers ( after you calibrate them);

    2) No, it will not - using external amp (in my case it was Parasound 1500 added to Denon 3300) geives main speakers more "breathing space" - usually external amp has larger power supply and larger bank of capacitors, so rapid increase of volume or fast passages from piano to forte do not strain receiver power supply; sound is tighter both on attack and decay of sounds. Imagine that you switched from midsize, underpowered Ford Tempo ( while driving with family of four) to a nice engineered BMW 540. You can accelereate much faster, break sharply, steer precisely - and still obey speed limits :).

    Consider getting a v.good 2 channel amp for fronts - Parasound, Rotel, ATI - and look at used gear for the best value.

    Enjoy !


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