Looking for learning remote with some bigger buttons

Discussion in 'Accessories, Cables, and Remotes' started by Tim Holyoke, Feb 27, 2004.

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    My Dad recently got a DirecTivo, and has a Panny DVD player w/a small remote. He also runs things through his VCR still (lack of inputs on TV). He'd like something that can learn his Panny DVD remote (the normal RCA DirecTV remotes couldn't do it) as well as the DirecTivo. He's currently using the DirecTivo and VCR remotes, because he has to switch to the VCR for local channels (aren't on DirecTV here yet). I showed him the MX-500, but he said he wanted something with bigger buttons, at least bigger or easier to find volume and channel buttons. My Mom doesn't like having to figure things out either, so just 2 big channel and 2 big volume buttons would be to her liking also.

    So what is there out there that has big buttons? I though I saw Harmony or something like that had bigger buttons and an lcd touchscreen? But they were kind of pricey, well over $100 if I remember right. Is there anything in the ~$50 range that would be a could one for them? Thanks a lot. (BTW-some LCD is fine, they also want one that illuminates).
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    Maybe this will do..? It's $40.

    I've actually seen it at Radio Shack I think...or EBay now.

    BUY IT

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    good lord thats a huge remote. It would take too much energy just holding something like that.

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