Looking for L.A. calibrators, plus geometry and faulty TV questions...

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Darren Gross, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Darren Gross

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    May 16, 2001
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    I’m looking for some opinions and feedback on Loewe Aconda 30” Geometry settings and I’m looking for a Los Angeles area calibrator that has Loewe calibration experience and has strong skills in Geometry adjustments…

    Here’s my scenario….

    My TV turned itself off with a loud popping/bzzt sound. It was taken in and had its Flyback Transformer replaced and now its working again.

    The problem is, after reconnecting all the previous equipment, the Geometry was way off on all inputs, especially in the HDTV input, which only filled about 75% of the screen with rounded edges. Also 4x3 material is showing too wide in most of the inputs, but reducing the size of the 4x3 window causes the 16x9 material to not reach the edges of the screen and look curved at the periphery.

    I had logged the original factory defaults as well as the slight tweaks I had made. Trying both sets of numbers in all the geometry settings did not come close to matching what they should look like and I made major Geometry adjustments to get it to look acceptable, but I don’t feel it’s as good as it should be, especially after checking my DVD Essentials disc.

    So…a two part question… I want to have a calibrator come and adjust the geometry and make it as perfect as possible, BUT given the recent repair to the set, does it sound like something else is wrong with the set, like other mainboard or tube problems?

    If it’s a repair issue still, I’d like to make sure everything is working correctly before hiring a calibrator…Otherwise the tweaks may not work.

    Does this make any sense?

    I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on this situation, and some recommendations for some solid L.A. calibrators!


  2. Tim Jin

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    Jan 12, 2003
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    You should see if the shop that you took it to, can help you with the calibration, since Loewe referred the shop to you. See if they can help you first, since they are the very few that still service Loewe.

    If your tv is starting to fail, it might be best to look at something else. The last thing I heard was, Loewe is going out of business or getting out of the US market.

    It might be better to get another tv, then repairing a brand that will no longer exist.
  3. John Whittle

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    Mar 22, 2004
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    This certainly sounds like the new repair parts are not living well with the old parts. Unfortunately the way sets are made these days (boards tested and adjusted by computer and laser cutting of resistors), it makes repair difficult. A flyback is a major part and will affect many size related areas as do switching parts such as transistors and caps.

    Before you get to calibration, get the repair completed to put the set back to at least factory spec. Many repair shops don't do 16:9 and 3:4 and check all the inputs. There may be other parts that need to be replaced either to bring it back into spec or because they've failed along with the surge from the flyback.

    If you get the set back calibrated to the factory specs on all inputs, it's likely you'll be able to apply your tweaks yourself although the new numbers will most likely be different.

  4. Keith Plucker

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    Keith Plucker
    Well it sounds like something is wrong with the repair. However, I am not expert.

    As far as calibrators go, I had Bob McJimsey at Tru-Line Video Technologies calibrate my TW40X81 several years back and he did an excellent job.

  5. Kevin Robinson

    Dec 23, 2001
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    So how did things turn out? I'm interested as I'm in an identical situation.
    After five years of use, my Loewe Arcada went out with a sputter that sounds exactly like what happened to you. There are only three repair shops in town that service Loewes and they are telling me that my main board will have to be replaced (not an inexpensive repair). I can't imagine ditching my Loewe-it's the best looking set I've ever owned by far. However, I'm a little concerned about the geometry issue you noted. There is at least one other story on this forum about distorted geometry after a Loewe repair. While I'm crossing my fingers this doesn't happen to me, it's best to be prepared. Any advice or info you could pass along from your experience would be greatly appreciated!

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