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    Ok, so I am totally out of touch with Home Theater setups. We just finished our basement, and we have everything except the audio components (I think). Currently we have:

    TV: LG 60PA6500
    Apple TV – XBMC

    I had no clue about the audio, but I did run some speaker wire for the “rear” speakers.

    I’d like to have something that sounds great, but not spend a fortune. I was hoping less than $500…probably a bit ambitious.

    I do have a media server which has of all our movies and music collection. I do see that some receivers now have wifi, Ethernet, AirPlay, Pandora, etc. I am not sure if it’s all necessary, but hoping someone could guide me in the right direction.

    My main concern, outside the basic setup is to allow me to stream audio from our media server, while we watch either cable TV or video from XBMC. The reason I thought the networking receivers would work is that, I could stream music from the media server, while watching video (muted) at the same time. At times I guess I would be streaming music to the receiver, and video to the XBMC simultaneously.

    Would anyone know how this all could be accomplished, and maybe recommendations on receivers, and speakers?


    Apologies for the confusing post.
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    Not for $500.AVR only stream audio. And the only AVR I know of that does net audio with video is the Denon X4000.Nowhere near budget.

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