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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by AndrewKra, Jan 10, 2005.

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    Jan 8, 2005
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    I bought a sony home theater in a bo a while ago and now I want a new receiver for the digital audio inputs. my speakers are rated at 4 ohms and my subwoofer isnt powered. Does anyone know of a receiver that can handle this for a reasonable price?
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    I am assuming that since it is a home theater in a box it came with very small 4 ohm speakers. You should not have any problems with driving the small 4 ohm speakers. It might be different if they where much larger speakers that required more min power to use. The problem most likely will not be weather you can use them. But if you might accually fry them if you overpower them. Speakers are also like air pump as the larger the room they are in the more a small speaker strains to fill the room with sound. This comes into play when you have a large room a larger speaker will give you more impact and detail in the same space. When a very small speaker in the same room will require you to turn it up more and the speaker at a point will sound strained and my end up frying. You also need to find out what the power handling is on the speakers you have. If the speakers handle very limited power. I would highly recomend buying new speakers to go with your new reciever. It is highly likely that the home theater in a box set up does not have much power in it. I would doubt any manufacturer that claimed that there small ht in a box but out high wattage especially in a small box and especially since they dont draw enough current from the wall. I hope this helps.

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