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    So I was doing some research and thought ,wow what a great idea to load all of my CD into one player and then play them as needed without going through reems of baxes looking for something all the time. As it turs out I am behind the times and both Pioneer and Sony no longer make them (so I am told) and everyone recomends digital music sources, (hell I still have my old record collection). So I am still looking for a CD player but is it better to go with a 1 or multi disc player? or forget about it all together?
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    I think most people are using a BLuRay player to handle CD playing. Check out the models from Oppo
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    For single-disc playing, any cheap "commodity" Blu-ray player ( < $200) will work just fine if an HDMI connection is all you need. You'll have to look carefully at features if you need either an optical or an rca digital connection: some have one or the other or both or neither. If you want high-quality analog outputs, you'll need one of the more expensive ( ~ $500) players like the Oppos or high end Panasonics.
    For multi-disc playing, you'll be limited to loading 5 discs at a time. Onkyo has a cheap 5 CD player, for example.
    Sadly, if you want to easily select among many CDs, current technology will require you to copy your CDs to a computer or file server. "Ripping" them can be much faster than playing them,but it's still an inconvenience. Modern AVRs include support for streaming networked audio. Modern BD players do network streaming too, and can be connected to AVRs which don't have networking.

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