Looking for AV receiver with visible volume bar plus HDMI control with TV for both on/off

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by atomarchio, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I have Sony Bravia TV (KDL-52W4100) and Sony Receiver (STR-DA3500ES).
    I am looking to replace my receiver with a unit which provides a visible volume bar on the TV screen and also provide HDMI control so when I turn the TV on/off it also does the same with the receiver.
    I just called Sony and they said none of their AV receivers provide a visible volume bar on the TV. Is that true?
    Then I bought a Yamaha V673 receiver which did show the volume bar. However, the TV via HDMI could not always turn on the receiver.
    Any suggestions on AV receiver that has volume bar plus HDMI on/off control?
    Please help. Thank you.
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    Jason Charlton
    A universal remote control would provide an easy way to control all your devices. Lots of us around here like the Harmony line of remotes.

    As for the volume bar, not sure I can help you there. I assume you can't see the display of the receiver itself to know what the volume level is? The only other thing I can think of is to let your ears decide which is the right volume, instead of your eyes.

    You'll probably have to identify a few receivers from different brands that are in your price range and take a good look at the manuals online. Some might offer some sort of GUI display over HDMI - but it may need to be turned on via the receiver's setup menu - hence you'll have to look through the manuals to know if this is the case.

    Good luck with your search.
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    The "TV and AVR off" at the same time is more often a TV feature than an AVR feature...
    I've never owned an Onkyo/Integra or Yamaha receiver that could turn the TV off*.
    However my Hitachi has an "AVR off with TV off" feature that turns the AVR off(and it only works turning the TV off first)
    Our Panasonic does not have this feature.
    *HDMI CEC can accomplish this, but CEC brings a ton of "other headaches" to the party.
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    my Denon 1612 has a visible volume bar through HDMI I can only assume that the models above mine have it too.
    My TV remote turns off my AVR without any kind of setup... its an LG TV lucky i guess.

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