looking for an online idiots guide to "Gut a Fish"

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  1. anyone know of any online site WITH pictures on how to properly gut and or fillet a fish (catfish or trout)?
    don't know how better to say it[​IMG]
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    pictures? you want stinkin' pictures? ...sorry, but
    How To Clean
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    Those instructions left out a step: after you gut the fish you need to scrape out the blackish blood-filled strip that lies on the inside of the spine. This is the fish's kidney, BTW.

    Also, you can leave the skin on a trout. You need to take the skin off a catfish. Bring a pair of pliers.

    Another important step: in order to keep catching fish you need to make regular sacrifices to Father Dagon. You'll also have to mate with some Deep Ones, but that's a small price to pay for nice fresh fish, right?
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    Catfish are very easy (except for the skinning part). When you're cutting the head off, just cut far enough to cut throught the spine (from the back of the fish) and then grab ahold of the fish's head and pull down toward the tail. Almost all of the guts will come out of the fish with the head. Just scrape the rest out with your knife and then rinse it off. Easy! [​IMG]
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    Henry Carmona
    If theres anything i can do well, its clean and fry fish [​IMG]
    Im sure Bill means well, but thats just way too time consuming and not even necessary.
    You dont have to gut or scale the fish with the way i do it, unless your not cleaning the fish right away.
    I wish i had some pics, but i dont. Maybe sometime this week if i catch some redfish at the lake.
    Anyway, get yourself a very sharp fillet knife thats at least longer than your fish are wide.
    Lay the fish on its side and hold the head with the hand that is not holding the knife.
    If your right handed, hold the fishes head down with your left hand. The fish's back should be facing you as it lays on its side(left side).
    Take the knife and begine to cut behing the head and fin till you contact the spinal column.
    Turn the knife on its side and cut along the spine, keeping the knife flat as you glide it along the spine down to the tail (dont cut the fillet off, leave it attached to the tail).
    Now, holding the entire fish (sans fillet you just cut) down with your left hand, flip the fillet over onto the skin side. Start at the spot you finished and slide the knife along the skin, separating the skin from the fillet.
    You should be left with a fillet as well as a small portion of ribs. You can cut them out if you like.
    Now on small rainbow trout or the like, you dont even have to remove the skin/scales, they are so small and will cook right up when you fry it.
    For larger fish, i use an electric fillet knife, much faster.
    Also, on Julie's note, on larger fish you should remove the "lateral line". It is on the skin side (after you remove the skin) and is a red line down the middle of the fillet. The "lateral line" is a concentration of nerve tissue that is the primary method by which fish are able to locate their prey. It is able to pick up vibrations thru the water. It just doesnt taste very good.
    On larger fish, the lateral line may actually take up more than just the middle of the fish and you may have to skim the blade just under the red meat to remove it.
    Again, sorry i dont have any pics. Let me know if theres anything you dont understand.
    Good Cookin [​IMG]

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