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    Nov 21, 2002
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    Ok...here is my dilema. I have narrowed my choice of receivers to three...the Marantz 7300, the Yamaha 1300, or the Integra 6.3. I am leaning towards the Marantz due to the fact that it has a DAC for each of its channels...whereas the Yamaha has just one and the Integra has one for the left and right channels.
    I will be using the system for home theater and 2 channel audio listening.
    My speaker choice presents another dilema. Should I go with the BW CDM 9nt (2300), the Paradigm Studio 100s (1900 dollars), or the Boston Acoustics RM-90s (2000 dollars)? I am just considering going with the CDM 1nt (bookshelf speaker, 500 dollars a piece) and putting the extra money into the sub. Is this a wise choice?
    I would greatly appreciate any advice to help a newbie like myself out.
    This system will be used in a fairly large room measuring 14 ft wide by 28 ft deep.
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    Hi Dennie. Welcome to HTF![​IMG]
    You've got a "Coke vs Pepsi" choice in those speakers. The B&W and Paradigm both have a good reputation around here. The Boston's I have not heard as much about, but that does not mean they are not compariable.
    I'm going to move your post to the speakers & subwoofers fourm where it will get more focused attention.
    Enjoy your stay.

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