Looking For a Subwoofer For A Small Box

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by KyleL, Apr 4, 2005.

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    I have a Dodge Ram Quad Cab truck, and want to replace the standard audio system with a new one.

    I mainly listen to rap, but also a little country and rock.

    I have looked for a box on eBay, and I can get a premade box for the ram that fits under the seat, and fits 2 10" or 12" subs. Each camber has like .69cubit feet of airspace, and between a 5-7" mounting depth. Look at eBay Item number 5764070557 to see an example of the box.

    I am not really on a big budget, just limited by airspace, mounting depth, and 10 or 12" subs. Can someone recommend something that will sound loud, but also have excellent SQ? I am willing to pay the money for name brands, or something decent.

    I am also looking to replace the door speakers, witch are 6x9 I believe in the front, and 5.25 in the back. If anyone could check this that would be great.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Kyle Leissner
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    The ED 11Kv.2 should work just fine in that box. They box's size is just right and the sub's mounting depth is 5.25". You just have to decide between dual 2 ohm voice coils or dual 4 ohm voice coils.

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    First you will need to find out what subs you want to run first and build the enclosure to the manufacture's specs. For subs that require small enclosures and are good for rap,rock and country, I would look at Image Dynamics V3 series or Adire Audio Shiva. My friend builds custom enclosures for home and car, shoot me an email I can give you his website address.

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