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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Nathan_F, Feb 24, 2003.

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    So I'm sitting here with my credit card yesterday morning, ready to pull the trigger on a DLS sub from partsexpress. Only to find that they're (temorarily??) discontinued.

    some background: The sub that had come with my Kenwood HTB is toast. An EE friend of mine has, to his best ability, determined that the transformer is shot. Juice going in, none coming out. I figured for the $100 the DLS costs, it would be more efficient to replace it than fix the Kenwood.

    Then, yesterday afternoon, I decide to prepare my taxes. Wow! I am getting back a lot more than expected (I was planning to break even.) Even paying off a small credit card item and an even smaller amount in state taxes this year, I will have a decent chunk left over. Most will be saved to help with monthly expenses since my wife is now staying home with baby. But, I will still have some left over to spend [​IMG]

    So my question is (I apologize for the delay in getting to the point)-- if I were to up my sub budget to around 3-400, what should I be looking for?

    I have thought about an SVS, but I don't want something that will overpower the rest of my Kenwood system. The price would also be more than I'm really willing to spend right now.

    All thoughts and comments are appreciated!
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    Now I know a lot of people love SVS but I don't look at them as the same value because I live in Canada (shipping exchange rate etc. So I can only reccomend what I would consider here in Canada.

    300 USD will get you into a Paradigm PDR 12. I had one for almost 4 years before trading it in on a PW 2200. Very tight bass, doesn't go as low as expenive subs but it will not overpower your system and for the price I think it is an excellent sub. I am sure you have tons of coices in the US for that price. Good luck
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    This link, if you haven't seen it, had some great suggestions. Some of those guys lucked out with the used SVS's and such. The DIY option once your talking 3 to 4 bills seems like the way to go for the greates bang for your buck performance if you have the tools and the time.

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