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    I'm looking to stay in the >=$10,000 range and build a complete home
    theater audio system (processor, amp, speakers, sub). My room is 17'
    wide by 23' feet long with 7'11" ceilings. This system should
    preferably be 7.1 I want this system to be very loud and I prefer
    full size floor standing speakers up front and possibly for the rears
    as well.
    As for the processor and amplifier I have been told good things about
    sunfire and outlaw audio. It looks like they may have some systems
    that fit the bill for around $3500. Although I don't think it's
    necessary to specify in this price range... it must have DTS & Dolby.
    Seperate processor and amplifier is a must. The speakers and
    amplifier in this system I do not plan to upgrade, ever. The sound
    and video processors and projector I may like to upgrade at some

    Any reccomendations where to read up, what and where to buy, and other
    forums where i might ask some more questions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Sihan Goi

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    Nov 2, 2001
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    If its only for a processor, amp and speaker system, I'd say spend at least half of that budget, or around $5000, on the speaker system, and the other half or less on the processor and amp. At that price range, if you're buying new, you're looking at amps like the Sherbourn 5/1500A, Parasound HCA-2205AT, Rotel RMB1095, Aragon 2005/3005 and ATI 2505. As for processors, stuff like the Anthem AVM20, B&K Reference 50, Aragon Stage One and the upcoming Rotel 1098.

    Speakers wise, you can get lotsa great choices from Paradigm, PSB, Rocket, Axiom, etc...as for subs, most would recommend one from SVS, Hsu, Adire Audio, Velodyne or Paradigm

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