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Looking for a lower cost Universal Changer (1 Viewer)

May 19, 2005
Ok, I've been posting this in a number of places, so appologies if you've seen it before somewhere else...

Basically I'm looking to get a new DVD changer. I like mine but I'd like to be able to play DVD-A's in addition to SACD's.
Originallly I was just going to get the Yamaha C-750, but have since also discovered the Onkyo DV-CP802, for around the same price as the Yamaha. After a bit more research I've found a few issues with both, but wanted some more input.
I understand that the Onkyo has some video issues. This however is pretty unimportant to me, as I don't have a great TV and probably wont' be getting one for a long time, and honestly the video quality, as long as it's watchable has never been a big concern of mine. I however haven't been able to find out hardly anything about the audio quality of the Onkyo which is what I'm really interested in.
The Yamaha seemed like the perfect option until I recently heard about some of it's issues with DVD-A's (specically with the Talking Heads Brick which was sort of my whole inspiration for getting a Universal player in the first place!), and Yamaha's refusal to do a firmware upgrade/general poor support.
I'm looking to spend no more than around $350, and I would like a changer... So thoughts?
I did notice that there is an old thread here where someone else is making the same decision, but it's rather old (so it doesn't even address the compatibility issues for the Yammy) and is more focused on issues that I'm not particularly concerned with.
From what I've found out so far I'm a bit more interested in the Onkyo at this point but... thoughts? Any other suggestions?


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Jan 4, 2005
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I dont think you can beat the 750 for the price. I've seen them in the low 2's on e-bay i think. I belive audioholics did a nice review on the 750.

Dan Driscoll

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Aug 1, 2000
The Yamaha C750 has some issues, but they are all user interface and long disk loading type of problems, actual audio and video performance is very good.

The Onkyo has a somewhat better UI, but it's still not great, and the video is poor. The Onkyo does have decent audio performance, but no better than the 750 for SACD or DVD-A. On Redbook I suspect the 750 spanks the 802, but I haven't done a direct comparison to confirm that.

Of course, it's all personal preference. You may prefer the sound of the Onkyo, so you need to listen to both, preferably in the same system, if you can.

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