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    Aug 22, 2000
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    I'm looking for some thoughts/comments on some of the lower priced (say under $2500) LCD projectors around out there.
    I came across these two units, supposedly the same thing with a different name on them.
    http://www.projectorcentral.com/proj...m?part_id=1312 - Sanyo XW15, I've seen pricing down into the $2200 range with this one.
    Review of the XW15 - http://www.thebigpicturedvd.com/bigequipment12.shtml
    http://www.projectorcentral.com/proj...m?part_id=1200 - Boxlight XP-5t, I've seen pricing down in the $1800 range on this one.
    They are XGA, 800 Lumens, 250:1 (or 300:1 depending on which specs you read) contrast ratio, and they accept the usual number of inputs (component, Svid, 15-pin VGA) and looks to be a good value, except for the bulb cost (around $450 or so). The room it will be in is fairly small and has good light control, even in the middle of the day).
    I've also been intrigued by the new Sony Cineza, but it's SVGA only, still 4:3, etc I like the Left to Right digital keystone correction (read a post on AVS that says it actually works well), and the super cheap bulb prices ($150 or so for 1000hrs). I've also been thinking about picking up a used W400Q Sony, but the low lumens kind of scares me a bit.
    Anybody using something different that falls in that pricing range?
    Oh, and as to the DLP vs CRT thing, I can see the rainbows on a DLP and they give me a headache and make me dizzy (and that happens fairly quickly), so there is no DLP in my price range that will solve that problem. And CRT's are out just due to the size problem, I can't have a big ol' box sitting in that room (on the floor or the ceiling).
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    Sanyo XW-15 is a good value. Also consider NEC LT-154 (XGA, LCD version of LT150 which is a DLP of course) for about same price of $2200. NEC is known for its great Vortex technology to enhance scaling and color. I think the Sanyo has better deinterlacer but NEC has better warranty (Instacare). Bulb price is similar I think. Don't let the lumen scare you off the Sony W400Q as in a dark room it'll be very good. It has honeycombing pixels which minimizes screen door. It's large and noisy and buying used has inherent risks of course. I had a cheap Sony VPL-CX1 ($1500 now) and was very satisfied with its 550 lumens in a darkened room. It had a good deinterlacer with sharp, vivid colors. It's contrast of 200:1 (made image flat looking and poor low light details) and dead pixel (stuck on, bright green in middle of 16:9 image) made me upgrade to LT150. I am very happy with my DLP, but sorry to hear you couldn't tolerate DLP as it's a great budget unit. Sony of course repaired my dead pixel as it was very distracting and unit was only 30d old. It took them 1 month to fix due to multiple imperfect LCD panels (I insisted in pixel-perfect panel or I'll keep returning it). They did give me a loaner to relieve my HT withdrawal [​IMG]
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    In case you missed it from the AVS forum here is my response:
    By this time I think everyone in this forum knows that I LOVE my W400Q. I sincerely recommend it unless you can't achieve a pitch black environment. If you can then get one with some warranty left and you'll be a happy camper. That is of course if you mainly want to watch DVDs or HDTV. I can speak for cable or other NTCS sources cause I only use it with DVDs. Also, from what I've heard, add a HTPC to the W400Q and you have a new beast.
    Check the Big Picture Forum and look for the W400Q forum for lots of info on getting every ounce of performance out of this little gem. Check the light output thread and read the results other members are having with this simple tweak. From my experience I can tell you that the stock settings seem like a joke compared to my newly tweaked settings and its all done via the friendly USER MENU.
    PS Contact me for any question.

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