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Looking for a good 3 Speaker Setup for $1200 (1 Viewer)

Sid Patel

May 16, 2003
Ok guys this is my first time posting and I wanted to ask some of you audio guru's what kind of speakers I could be looking at for around $1100.
Now I only need the front two channels and a center. The rest of the system is already setup with inwall speakers by I belive Paradigm.
Currently I have JMlab 806 STEC Cobalts for the fronts and a JMlab 800 STEC Cobalt for the center.

The problem I am having with these speakers is that I think they are too small to fill my room with sound.

The room dimensions are 27' L x 16' W x 7.5' H
And the listening area (couch) is approximately 14.5' from the speakers.

So as you can see the room is quite large. What would you guys reccomend for this type of room and this type of budget. And I know that judging the quality of sound that comes from any speakers is quite subjective but I would like to hear opinions. Oh and the speakers will be used 70% of the time for movies and 30% for music. The speakers will be connected to a Denon AVR 2803.

Thank You all for your help and sorry for the long post.


Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002
Well Sid, this is a pretty big room—3,240 cu. ft., to be exact. For $1,500 you could get a pair of Rocket RS550s and a RSC200 for the center channel. And I don’t know if that would be enough for your room. I have this configuration in my room, but it is only 3,179 cubic feet. Sean at AV123 was very helpful when I called him and I’m sure that he would be for you as well. To be fair, he thought that the RS750 would be even better, but I went with the 550s.

The 550s are very fine HT speakers.

I’m not familiar today with Paradigm model pricing, so I won’t comment, other than to say I have been very favorably impressed with their speakers every time I’ve listened to them and I feel that provide a good value if you want to try similar fronts to your rears.

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