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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by joe hughes, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Sep 26, 2003
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    I'm in the process of determining what I would like to have for my home theater setup in my Living Center area of my house. The room is 22.5 feet by 16 feet, all drywall and stud construction. Ceiling is 10 feet. There is an entryway opening of 12 feet wide with a 9 feet header on one side of the room. The main wall of the room is solid without and openings or windows. The other end of the room has an insert fireplace in the corner with next to the main wall and on the side wall. The side wall has french doors exiting outside at the other corner. The back of the room is basically totally open to a kitchen and dining area with 10 feet ceilings.

    What I have picked out for the setup is:

    Denon AVR-3803 AV Receiver
    Samsung DVDHD931 DVD
    Two Klipsch RF15 Towers
    One Klipsch RC25 Center
    One Klipsch RW8 Subwoofer
    Four Klipsch RS25 Surrounds (Two to me mounted on side walls and two in back from ceiling mounts)
    I already have a Sony KP-57WS510 RPTV.

    I'm wondeirng if I am overdoing it a little or if I have the right selections for the room. I have the budget for all of this but I want to ensure that I'm not over or under doing it either. Any Thoughts?
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    It sounds like a nice set-up except for one thing...I don't think there is a prayer that an 8 inch sub will satisy you in a room that large. Especially since it opens onto another large room.....you have a lot of cubic feet of air in there and need a large sub. Personally, I'd look into either a Paradigm SW-2200 or a Servo 15 if the budget can stand it. Also look into SVS subs. You nned at least a powerful 15" driver to give you good LFE in that room.

  3. GrahamT

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    Sep 13, 2003
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    You are probably under-doing-it in the low frequency dept. I dont know a lot about klipsch, other than the fact that many people love the sound and many people hate the sound. I hope that you are in the former group because you are planning to get a lot of Klipsch. I agree that the paradigm subs are awesome, I have auditioned them. the 2200 is a great deal. Others will recommend SVS or HSU. you dont need to get a sub to match the rest of your speakers, you will probably just replace it anyways. THe denon 3803 is the receiver I would get for its great features, quality and reputation. Good luck.

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