Looking for a CD changer around $200-250 Canadian

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    Jun 6, 2002
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    I have been using my RCA dvd player as my CD player for a long time now. It sounds good but I hate the constant changing CDs. I am looking for a good changer for around $200 - $250 Canadian(although, I would have problems with spending less if possible). I don't have tons of CDs so a 50 cd changer would be adequate. My parents have a Pioneer 50cd changer and it has never failed, I also find my Pioneer reciever to be reliable. Would I be well off with a Pionner changer or are there other models I should look at?

    The player will be used with the following:
    Pioneer VSX-D510 DD/DTS reciever
    Paradigm Titan mains
    Kenwood CRS-159 surround package(center will be replaced with a Paradigm CC-170 in the future)
    I have no subwoofer now but I am almost ready to start building one. It will be a ported Adire Tempest design.
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    Justin, O.K., $250 CDN is $157.05 USD as of this writing. [​IMG] There are a few good changers in and around your price range. Since you like Pioneer, consider the PD-F908 100+1-disc model. Www.crutchfield.com in the US has it for $180 USD. I'm not sure if Pioneer makes a 50-disc model any longer. There are also some five- or six-disc carousel changers to consider. Crutchfield.com has a good list of models in your price range. Here is the link:
    I am not suggesting you order a player from the US, but crutchfield.com should give you some ideas of players to look for in your area. Best of luck in your search.

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