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    I am looking for a 36" that will do 480p (for DVDs). although I am very concerned with the digital artifacts that come along with watching "Dish" if they are enhanced because of the the 480i to 480p procceser that every brand seems to have. Is there a certain brand that does this better than others. I would be cool if I could find one that had a way to disable any special digital enhancements that each brand seams to have out now. If not ill just get a plain old Standard TV, I would rather look at scan lines than an overcompressed Dish signal(MPEG2 yeah right! more like "Real Audio Player" material to me).
    Anyone using "Dish" and using a 36" TV with 480P that is happy. Im sure most of you are but am looking into buy right now and would like some recommendations under 2 grand.
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    First of all why would you want a 480p TV. If you are going to do it get something that will do HD. The RCA 36110 set doesnt have aline doubler in it so you will get an interlaced picture for 480i sources (so no line doubled mush)and can do HD with an HD signal. Retail is $1599.95
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