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    Oct 2, 2000
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    I picked up a LD player on EBAY, A Pioneer DVL-700. It came without a manual and I was wondering the best way to get one.

    Also, I have a 16x9 TV, is there a setting on the DVL-700 for the display type? So far I haven't found it by playing with the remote.

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    Joel, sorry for not answering your e-mail personally a day or so ago. I would of told you to post and ask here. You proably can get the manual from Pioneer? There are quite a few DVL-700's on this forum and somebody should be able to help you. The day I bought a DV-500 in '97 I looked at the DVL-700. It most certainly has a 16 x 9 setting for DVD only. It was difficult to operate on the DV-500. I think the drawer had to be empty? I hated the DV-500!!!! I gave it to my nephew and told him it was a CD player that could play DVD'd in the pinch.

    I wouldn't play DVD's in the thang much if any. CD's and DVD's are harder on the motor than the big discs and if the 700's playback is anything like the 500's, there will be some pixelization in occasional spots on DVD's too. Good luck with your new player! I'd forget using it for anything but LD's though. Best wishes!
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    Dec 4, 2000
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    I just checked my 700 manual. It says nothing about 16x9 for LD, only dvd. With that said, you're not missing anything by not having the manual. It's a terrible, terrible waste of paper-- worse than the Malata 966 manual.

    If I get my scanner to a functional state again soon, I can make you a pdf copy.

    Drop me a line if you'd like one.

    Best regards,

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