LOokee At Deez!! OOp dvd's, Leon, Clockwork Orange SE, Dressed To Kill

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  1. peter_i

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    Mar 21, 2002
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    Still trying to get Amelie and Audition, folks, am I the only loser left on this planet that hasn't seen either of them? shut up. Have pity on a poor codger like myself, make an offer.

    on with the show.....

    Sound of Music 5 star - oop? - not sure

    Stunt Man LE - this is one of my fave discs.

    Dressed To Kill SE - slash! slash! skin! skin!

    Battle Royale - R0

    A Clockwork Orange Remastered Edition - sealed -

    Leon The Professional European Cut - sealed -

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Superbit (hoping to trade for Gattaca Superbit but I'm easy - I SAID I'M EASY!!)

    Horror Hospital - freaky weird Brit import - Elite ------pending-------

    Cat's Meow - screener ( will trade for another screener?)----pending ------

    West Side Story (sealed) - OOP

    Titan AE

    Platoon (Brazilian - all regions) **will take almost ANYTHING for this including Paula Abdul exercise dvd's! hmmm, or Mimi Rogers... or Salma Hayek... or.....

    The 3 below and Platoon (above) can be thrown in together as a 3 for 1 of your dvds, regardless of the dvd!

    101 Unbelievable Plays/ A Century of Sports Bloopers Vol 2 - (2 programs on 1 dvd).

    DVD Preview - 1st dvd magazine issue w/Leonard Maltin

    These VHS tapes also need a good home and can be combined for 1 or 2 dvd's

    Aladdin Disney
    The Great Rock and Roll Swindle OOP
    Escape From New York SE oop

    Unrelated - Fossil Watch, chronograph, gold and silver, good condition, ask me for details.

    Some wants:

    Peeping Tom CC
    Sid and Nancy CC
    Fritz Lang's M - CC
    Gattaca: Superbit
    Amelie R1
    Any Drive In Discs
    Simpsons Season 2
    The Monkees: Head
    Hercules In The Haunted World
    Top Secret!
    Existenz - Cdn Edition
    The Intruder (Willie Shatner is the MAN!)
    Gorgeous RO dvd
    Mario Bava films
    Atlantis CE 2disc
    Shiri R1
    Black Sabbath - not the group, dummy, the Bava movie
    Baron Blood - Mario Bava
    Diamonds are Forever
    Pootie Tang (low want)
    Audition - R1 or all regions
    The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
    Roman Polanski's Macbeth ***
    Blue Collar
    blaxploitation flicks
    Batman the Animated Series: Legend Continues
    FLESH Gordon
    Truly Madly Deeply
    Scooby Dooby Doo movies
    Richard Pryor concert dvd's
    HR Pufnstuf
    Basket Case LE
    Syd and Marty Krofft boxset
    Lady Frankenstein SE
    HK action/fantasy dvd's
    any cool cult/horror films.
  2. Ricky Hustle

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    May 29, 2000
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    Is your Leon the R1 with the fixed audio?

    The corrected disc bears a different UPC number: it's 43396 04730 for the original release and 43396 06196 for the newer one. The second release also lists the 5.1 track as "newly created" on the back of the case.

    If it is the newer mix, I'll trade you Amelie for it.
  3. peter_i

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    Mar 21, 2002
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    thanks for the info re: the corrected/not corrected versions. I have 2 copies of the dvd and I hope they're both the fixed ones. I'll check it out hopefully tonight and get back to u, k?

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