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Long run of component video cord? (1 Viewer)

Jeffrey Schlak

Nov 28, 2001
My church is installing a new video projector that has component video inputs. We would like to run a component cord about 75 feet from the sound booth to the projector. Is this feasable, and where could I buy an amount of component cable this long? It doesn't have to be the highest quality, just something that will work.

Neil Joseph

Senior HTF Member
Jan 16, 1998
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Neil Joseph
75' is childsplay for component video. It should pose no problem, just don't buy it custom made... $$$

I would use 3 runs of RG6. I believe you can buy them in at least 100' runs at Home Depot or you can try to get a single run of 225' and cut to 3 pieces. You will also need six F-RCA adaptors and the F-style cable connectors for RG-6 cable. If you decide to buy 3 rund of RG6 at Home Depot, you could create a 100' component video set in about 1 minute flat, you would just need to screw in the F-RCA adaptors on each of the ends.

As for the quality, I could not see any difference on a 33' component cable as above and a 12' Monster component cable.

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Uhhhh... I'd actually suggest you check out the custom sites. They will sell custom lengths for $2-$4 per foot.

And check out the connections on your projector. You may need BNC connectors on the projector side, and RCA's on the other.

There is a place that will build you some good, industrial cable called www.markertek.com. They sell cables and supplies to the broadcast and production studio industry. Insist on Canare or Belden HighDef rated coax and CANARE RCA plugs.

For example: Canare V-4CFB, 75 ft with BNC connectors on each end is $216. HD3BNC-75

Considering you are likely projecting 80-100" display, this puts your system in the "very sensitive" catagory. While you could put your own together with RG6 coax, that stuff is ment to carry RF frequencies to about 1 Mhz. Ordinary component video goes up to 4 Mhz, progressive to 13 Mhz and 1080 HD video 35 Mhz.

I'm not a fan of expensive copper, but just like different roads are built for different speeds, coax is built for different frequencies. Buy the coax designed for the video signals you intend to push.

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