Logic 7 over 5.1 sources... how important (good) is it?

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    Before I get blasted by everyone for asking something that's already been asked, let me state in my defense that the search function was down when I posted this.

    After months of research and weighing pros and cons of receivers, I decided that the Harman/Kardon AVR-525 was best for me. But now, I'm hearing that the 525 can't do Logic 7 with 5.1 sources. This isn't necessarily a deal-breaker for me, but it would have been nice.

    How great a feature is this, really? Am I going to be kicking myself in a few months because I don't have it? I will have a 7.1 system to take advantage of the Logic 7, but if I can't use it with my DVDs I really don't see the point - I prefer to listen to music in 2-channel stereo. How good is Logic 7, really? Is it just another matrixed sound mode, or does it have its merits?

    Also, am I fooling myself by buying a 7.1 setup in the first place? Is anybody really working to create discrete 7.1 material now? Is 7.1 the future? Please share your opinions!!!

    By the way, what receivers ARE capable of Logic 7 over 5.1 sources?

    Thanks for your help,
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    Hi Eric,

    The 5.1 version of Logic 7 is far less important than the 2 channel version, because it does much less. With a 2-channel PCM source, Logic 7 will create stereo surrounds and a stable steered center channel--its ability to do this well is the reason for its high reputation. With a 5.1 source, the surround and center content is already defined, and Logic 7 respects that discrete channel content, so all it does is extract the rear channels from the sides. This has some benefit for smoother panning effects and more envelopment, but it's far more subtle than the 2-channel variant.

    Among receivers, only the H/K AVR 8000 can apply Logic 7 to 5.1 sources.

    Philip Brandes

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