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Logans in da house! I'm in love. (1 Viewer)

John Royster

Oct 14, 2001
So I've been trying to decide on some speakers and went out for my final auditioning yesterday.

B&W CDM9NT, Polk LSi 15, Paradigm Studio 100. I had in my mind that I was walking away with one of those three speakers. Spent about 20-30 minutes with each set but I had complaints about each using four disks from Janet Jackson, Santana, Peter Gabriel, Matrix soundtrack for kicks. All are very fine speakers though.

Then I listened to some Martin Logan Requests and fell in love. They had everything I was looking for in a speaker...wide/deep soundstage, incredible vocals/midrange, suprisingly good bass for a ML thanks to a 12" woofer crossed at 180 Hz. I've always liked eletrostats since the late 80s and now I have a pair. Didn't pay much more than the CDM9nts either.

Now to find a suitable amplifier for these 5.5 foot monsters. My HK 100x2 amp is doing OK for now. I've read in the manual that the speaker dips to 1.2 ohm. My heart was set on a Rotel 200x2. Owning electrostats is very new to me so now I'm not sure of a good amp for them. The demo was using a Krell 150x2 integrated amp and sony 555es player.

John Royster

Oct 14, 2001

Still working on placement...

I've come to the conclusion that my amplifier just can't handle these speakers like it should. wife and I are working on different room treatments to handle the other side of the equation. We were going to go with a dead front wall and a live back wall with other cone speakers mentioned above. Seems like we're doing the opposite now, semi-dead back wall and standard drywall front wall. Not lieing (sp?), we're breaking out blankets and the staple gun trying to make the most of these beauties in preparation for some permanent placement/treatments.

Man these MLs require some space behind and to the sides. Seems like the more I separate them from the walls the better they sound. three feet from the sides and about 3.5 feet from the front wall right now...could use a little more. We'll see. talk about picky placement, every couple of inches seems to provide a marked enhancement to depth and imaging, even bass.

PROS - incredible imaging and stage, vocals, guitars and strings, bass. Still hearing things on favorite recordings i've never heard before.
CONS - difficult to setup, but a little work yields immediate results.

Still have some more work ahead.....


Second Unit
Aug 16, 2000
welcome to the darkside :D
I have been enjoying my Logans since around 95. I started out with an old pair of Sequel II's then purchased a pair of Aerius for surrounds, finished it off with a Logos centre. ( heaven...) Then I upgraded my sequels to CLS IIz's... I have my speakers around 4ft from the front wall and about the same from the sides. You are right it is a bitch to get them placed, I recommend you get some masking tape to mark the spot on the floor when you get them just where you like them that way any inadvertant moves will not throw you out of whack! congrats... as for the amp I always have the same issue. I am using a sunfire cinema grand right now but I am looking for a some tubes...

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