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    Wide screen fans may be interested in this weekends 35mm classic film program at the Loew's Jersey movie palace. On Friday February 28, we are presenting MGM's first CinemaScope production, KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. On Saturday March 1, we are screening IVANHOE in the
    afternoon, and an archival, dye-transfer Technicolor print of THE VIKINGS in the evening. For more information, please visit the website at www.loewsjersey.org

    All films are presented in the way they were originally shown, with authentic carbon arc illumination on a fifty-foot screen.

    Coming Soon: our 2nd annual Classic Comedy Weekend; featuring Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, the 3 Stooges AND a special 100th Birthday salute to Bob Hope! This event will take place on March 29 -31, 2003. More details will be announced in the next week.
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    Once again Bob and the folks at the Loew's have a terrific lineup of films! I certainly plan to be there Friday night for KotRT!

    This is prime classic cinema-going season in the metro-NY area right now, visit www.loewsjersey.org and www.bigscreenclassics.com if you doubt me!

    "You get more out of life when you go out to a movie."

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