LiteOn LVD 2001 1080i-playing DVD Player

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Robert P. Jones, Dec 18, 2003.

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    I bought an extra one of these for investment purposes, to sell to clients. However, no clients have appeared wanting it so far, and I really don't want to wait on moving it. They are very hot right now and have been disco'd recently. One just sold on ebay for over $300. I did sell another one to a guy with a 73" Mit recently, as planned, at the price mentioned below.

    The LiteOn produces an incredible 1080i image on Component OPs - see this thread: "Quick review on 1080i scaling Liteon LVD2001 DVD Player" (18 Pages) in the Audio/Video section of HTF, here. Start with the last page and work back, if you don't want to tackle all 18 pages.

    It plays just about every type of format imaginable, being one of only 3 DVD playing products produced by LiteOn, a prominent maker of computer drives. The second is a DVD recorder, the third is the 2002, its replacement, which does not do 1080i, nor does it allow the limitations to be switched off that this model does: the 2001 is Region Free and copyguard defeatable - it allows both Region limitations and Macrovision to be turned off, in its internal service menu. It has been upgraded several times by the manufacturer, with downloadable and burnable firmware that slides right into its disc tray.

    This is in addition to playing a lip-smacking 1080i.

    I will make it available here for $250 plus whatever the shipping is. No tax. If I had an extra location where I would need it, I would keep it. But the original one I have is all I will need for my own purposes. (My original 2001 is NOT for sale! I LIKE it!)

    The one that is available is new and still in the box except for its having been upgraded to the 2.29 version from the 2.23 it came with, and would be upgraded to the 3.01 version before it got to you. JohnnyG has made that available, and I would be glad to make sure it has the 3.01 upgrade before it would get to you, as long as I can make the download from his link work properly, which I'm sure will happen just fine. LiteOn no longer provides the 3.01 upgrade, as it was a beta test and that test is over.

    This one and the one I am keeping both have a far quieter drive than the one I originally got, which I sold off already, as I mentioned above. I don't know if they changed drives, but these 2 are very very quiet and nonintrusive.

    Mr Bob
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