List Ten or More Shows With Your Favorite Episode

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    I am going to expand from the thread for a SINGLE to MULTIPLE (ten or more) favorite shows....favorite episode:

    Star Trek (TOS): Balance Of Terror (will the Romulans unleash their secret weapon that would doom the Federation??? The Enterprise must stop an Invisible Enemy)

    Gunsmoke: Mannon (Darkness Is Coming)

    The Twilight Zone: Time Enough At Last (The All-Time Great Irony)

    The Fugitive: The Judgment (What Else??)

    Have Gun Will Travel: El Paso Stage (If Roddenberry ever penned a better episode...I want to see it. Buddy Ebsen is outstanding in this one)

    Mission Impossible: Operation Rogosh (Hey...let's give Stephen Hill and Fritz Weaver a nod in this great first season IMF thriller)

    Naked City: The Deadly Guinea Pig (Depicts survivors of The Holocaust as the closest thing on Earth to the Living Dead)

    Wanted Dead Or Alive: Bounty On Josh (Someone seems invisible and out to kill Josh Randall....slowly)

    Bonanza: The Legacy (The character of the Cartwright boys is weighed against the apparent kidnapping and murder of their father)

    I Love Lucy: Tennessee Ernie Visits (If there's a funnier Lucy...I've yet to see it and I've seen 'em all)
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    William Hughes
    Twilight Zone - Third from the Sun Two Families Hijack a Spaceship to flee their planet which is facing an imminant nuclear war.

    Lassie - The Disappearence While the Martin Family is on vacation Timmy and his Father rent a boat to go fishing, naturally Timmy brings along the dawg. A sudden storm capsizes the boat, Lassie gets separated from the other two and is rescued by a Forest Ranger, who nurses her back to health. She spends a few days with the ranger helping him do his work before being returned to the Martins.

    TRIVIA: In this episode we meet Corey Stewart, who will become Lassie's new master in the next season.

    EASTER EGG: The airplane from the soon-to-be-released on DVD series Ripcord makes a cameo appearence.

    BLOOPER: Timmy and his Dad are on an airplane looking for Lassie. Far away shots show a high-wing Cessina (The aforementioned Ripcord plane) but close ups show Timmy in a low-wing airplane.

    Star Trek - Tomorrow is Yesterday The Enterprise is yanked back in time to present-day Earth. An Air Force Pilot almost shoots down the Spacecraft and is beamed aboard. Captain Kirk plans to take this pilot back to their future, but Spock reveals that one of this man's children will be involved in an historical event, and that child hasn't been conceived yet!

    Medic - Flash of Darkness Medical Personel deal with the aftermath of a nuclear war. (The following week they go back to "normal" - "That attack last week, blew up the city, wiped out 2,000,000 people, no big loss.") :rolling-smiley: Sorry, I just had to put that in. :D

    21 Jump Street - 16 blown to 35 - The Squad Investigates a Modeling Agency auditioning minors, and reveals they are child pornographers.

    Dragnet - The Big Little Jesus (Both the Original and the 1960s Remake) Friday and his companion investigate the theft of a Statue of Jesus from a church's Nativity Scene.

    Walker, Texas Ranger - A Matter of Faith Walker investigates a Crime where Gang Members steal Christmas Presents from a Church and injure a Priest.

    Kraft Suspense Theatre - The Kamchatka Incident An Airplane wanders off course and enters russian airspace and is forced to make an emergency landing. One of the passengers is a Defecter.

    The Name of the Game - Los Angeles 2017 A Man is transported to the year 2017, where he finds out the planet is all but dead from an environmental catastrophe.

    The Mod Squad - Put out the welcome mat for Death The Squad investigates the theft of Morphine from a hospital - A man commits a mercy killing of his wife, who was in severe pain because of the morphine shortage caused by the thief.
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    Never thought I'd ever see anyone else pick that episode as best. (Especially since it came from the Stephen Hill years.) And here I thought I was going to show off by picking that one.

    Throwing out a few random delegates from favorite series:

    Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street (If any episode singlehandedly summed up the mix of flying saucers and post-McCarthy social commentary that Rod Serling wanted the entire series to be...)

    Star Trek: I, Mudd (Not exactly the most serious episode of the entire Classic series, but a breathlessly what-the-heck bit of tongue-in-cheek that ultimately had to have come out of offstage actor-improv exercises.)

    Fantasy Island: Pilot (Had to put one up there for sentimentality, but it's easy to see why the network decided that the series would be better off going Love-Boat fluffy and toning down the slightly darker creepiness of the original concept.)

    The Odd Couple: The Odd Monks (I used to be amazed at how this episode felt like its own self-contained Neil Simon comedy, with one silly comic premise delivered after another, and then a surprisingly thoughtful message at the end.)

    The Flintstones: The Missing School Bus (Larry Markes wrote six episodes in Season 2 only that were insane genius, but here, the mix of silliness and sarcastically overstated satire go way past normal Simpsons boundaries into a surreal comic nightmare for Fred.)

    The Dick Van Dyke Show: It May Look Like A Walnut (Okay, so it's already on the Top Ten of TV Guide's 50 Classic Episodes. But as long s it deserves to be there, that doesn't make it cheating, just Essential Reruns 101.)

    The Prisoner: Hammer Into Anvil (No. 6 crafts his latest anti-authoritarian scheme on the level of elaborately practical-joke Punk'ing No. 2 out of his chair, and still gets in his point about the cruel hierarchies of the spy game.)

    Maverick: Gun-Shy (The Gunsmoke parody - "Want me to stand a little closer, Marshall?" My dad used to quote that for years, and I had no idea what that was from.)

    The Avengers: The Cybernauts (A perfect sampler mix of the show's red-herrings, tongue-in-cheek humor, and an ingeniously simple escape for our heroes at the end. And having Michael Gough as the villain isn't bad either.)

    Dragnet: The Big Departure (Yes, the show was a sermon on a rifle, and we're all supposed to giggle in hip superiority at the 60's "Joe Friday vs. the Hippies" episodes, especially when he does the anti-drug episodes, huhuh. But you know you've officially become your parents when you cheer Friday and Gannon to take down a spoiled suburban kid whose friends are stealing rifles and survival supplies because they want to run away and "start their own commune" without having the faintest clue how. Jack Webb was NOT fooled for a moment by the Haight-Ashbury snake-oil in LA at the time; his (numerous) big-speeches in this episode were an eloquent answer from a frustrated law-abiding middle-class, and his deconstructions of the slowly-dying movement's big-talking naivety, saber-rattling and self-indulgence were twenty years ahead of their time.)
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    Eric Scott Richard
    1. The Brady Bunch- The Kings Island Episode
    2. The Twilight Zone- Time Enough at Last
    3. I Love Lucy- Lucy Does a Commercial
    4. The Flintstones- I can't remember the name, but the one with Madame Yes
    5. Wonder Woman- The Feminine Mystique
    6. The Honeymooners- TV or No TV
    7. All in the Family- The First Episode
    8. Designing Women- The episode where their house is on the Atlanta tour
    9. The Facts of Life- Studying for Finals
    10. The Muppet Show- Loretta Lynn
  7. Frank Soyke

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    I Dream Of Jeannie - How To Be A Jeannie In 10 Easy Lessons

    Hogan's Heroes - Go Light On The Heavy Water

    Get Smart - The Groovy Guru (Larry Storch)

    Mod Squad - Kicks Incorporated

    Wonder Years - The Clip Show

    It's Your Move - The Dregs Of Humanity (Parts 1 and 2)

    Run For Your Life - Who's Watching The Fleshpot (w/ Bobby Darin)

    Twilight Zone - Walking Distance (Gig Young)

    Gilligan's Island - The Producer (Phil Silvers)

    Bewitched - Divided He Falls

    Fugitive - Girl From Little Egypt
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    ("Dr. Sinister", in case you ever have to look it up. Season 5, where the series was starting to lose its subversive edge and more commercial.)
    Y'know, I was trying to think of one definitive Jeannie (and Gilligan) episode to put on the list, but, er...those'll do. :)
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    MAUDE - The Game Show
    CHARLIE'S ANGELS - Angels on Ice
    BEWITCHED - Charlie Harper, Winner
    MAMA'S FAMILY - Rashomama (The Gooseberry Jam episode)
    THE DONNA REED SHOW - The Football Uniform
    HAZEL - Hazel's Christmas Shopping
    I LOVE LUCY - The Freezer
    THE LUCY SHOW - Lucy Is a Soda Jerk
    HERE'S LUCY - Lucy and Ann-Margret
    I DREAM OF JEANNIE - How to Marry an Astronaut
    THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW - All About Eavesdropping
    MY THREE SONS - Air Derby
    THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES - The Giant Jackrabbit
    PETTICOAT JUNCTION - Spurline to the Shady Rest
    GREEN ACRES - Oliver Buys a Farm
    THE PATTY DUKE SHOW - Let 'Em Eat Cake
    GILLIGAN'S ISLAND - Don't Bug the Mosquitos
    FAMILY AFFAIR - Fat Fat the Water Rat
    THE MOD SQUAD - A Short Course in War
    THAT GIRL - This Little Piggy Had a Ball
    THE BRADY BUNCH - Fright Night
    THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY - This Male Chauvanist Piggy Went to Market
    ALL IN THE FAMILY - The Bunkers and the Swingers
    MARY TYLER MOORE - The Lars Affair
    RHODA - So Long, Lucky
    ONE DAY AT A TIME - The Upholstery Ripoff
    THREE'S COMPANY - The Bakeoff
    THE FACTS OF LIFE - Take My Finals Please
    GIMME A BREAK - Julie's First Love
    IT'S A LIVING - Horsing Around
    THE GOLDEN GIRLS - Sister of the Bride
    DESIGNING WOMEN - The Woman Who Came to Sugarbakers
    ALICE - Bet a Million Mel
    ROSEANNE - The Test
    MURPHY BROWN - Bob and Murphy and Ted and Avery
    QUEER AS FOLK - Season 1 Finale (The Prom)
    SIX FEET UNDER - Pilot
    DEXTER - Seeing Red
  10. Richard V

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    Mary Tyler Moore - Chuckles Bites the Dust

    M*A*S*H - Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

    Star Trek, The Next Generation - Yesterday's Enterprise

    Star Trek, Deep Space Nine - The Visitor

    Miami Vice - Down for the Count, Part One

    The Walking Dead - Judge, Jury, Executioner

    Justified - Bloody Harlan

    The X Files - Jump the Shark

    Twilight Zone - Time Enough at Last

    St. Elsewhere - The Last One
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    John Moreland
    ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS - "Specialty of the House"ALL IN THE FAMILY - "The Games Bunkers Play"ANGEL - "Darla"

    THE AVENGERS - "The Cybernauts"BEWITCHED - "I Remember You... Sometimes."


    THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW - "All About Eavesdropping"

    I LOVE LUCY - "Lucy Tells the Truth"

    THE LUCY SHOW - "Lucy Dates Dean Martin"

    THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW - "My Brother's Keeper"

    THAT GIRL - "The Call of the Wild"

    THE TWILIGHT ZONE - "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"
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    Chose these ten random shows for now listed in no particular order here, episode position not carved in stone likings do change.

    The Time Tunnel - The Ghost of Nero

    Who's the Boss? - Dinner for Two

    Have Gun Will Travel - The Prize Fight Story

    The Streets of San Francisco - The House on Hyde Street
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - The Village of Guilt

    Harry O - Lester

    Columbo - Negative Reaction

    The F.B.I. - Ordeal

    The Texan - The First Notch

    Alias Smith and Jones - Wrong Train to Brimstone

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