Lionsgate Press Release: Detroit 1-8-7: Season One

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    Lionsgate is proud to announce the DVD release of Detroit 1-8-7: Season One arriving on August 30th.

    Detroit 1-8-7: Season One

    Our city. Our rules. Drama unfolds in one of America's toughest cities as Lionsgate releasesDetroit 1-8-7: Season One to DVD this summer. Heading "the terrific, admirably diverse cast" (USA Today), Emmy® winner Michael Imperioli (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, HBO's "The Sopranos," 2004) walks the straight and narrow this time as he returns to television as Detective Louis Fitch, investigating crime, tailed by a fictional documentary crew, in the harsh city of Detroit. Nominated for a 2011 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Drama Series, the ensemble cast also features James McDaniel (TV's "NYPD Blue"), Aisha Hinds (The Next Three Days), and Jon Michael Hill (Falling Overnight). The crime drama premiered on ABC in September 2010 to more than nine million viewers. Including all 18 episodes of the series on four discs, Detroit 1-8-7: Season One will debut on DVD on August 30th.

    The crisis, revelation and heartbreak of some of Detroit's finest are on display as a group of inner city police agree to have their days filmed by a documentary crew. Leading the officers is Lieutenant Mason (Hinds), a single mother struggling to balance her work and home lives. New partners Fitch (Imperioli) and Washington (Hill) are paired for their knowledge of the city and heroism on the job. But homicide work is never easy, and these cops are soon tested by the crime-ridden city in which they live.

    Pricing: DVD - $29.98 (4-disc set)
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    Great show. Really looking forward to this.
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    This show started with a bang and just kept gathering momentum.

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