Line twitter during football on my rptv ?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by michael_mo, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Sorry if this is newbie question.. i am naive to HDTV.
    I could not find a simliar question with extensive searches.

    I have a Toshiba (65H82 i think) RPTV.
    Adelphia Cable with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 (need to verify when i get home) HD box.
    Component connected.

    My question (and problem) is with line twitter of the yard lines, while watching any high def football game.. espn high def games, monday night football, sunday night espn nfl, sunday fox nfl games. I dont have a high def cbs.
    The yard lines twitter pretty bad with any movement of the camera, especially on a punt or deep throw where the camera moves rapidly.

    I did find out I had my cable box set to fix the signal (i believe to 1080i). I now have it set to let the signal pass thru. But, i have no football to watch to see if that was the simple solution. My TV now pauses and resets when turning from a 720p signal (espn hd channel, foxhd) to a 1080i channel (HBO HD..) so i think the tv will allow either display.

    Anyone have a similar problem/experience. Or anyone know a good link to review this topic?

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    Good cables? I have seen this sort of thing when somebody used regular L/R type cables instead of real video cables.

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