Limited budget for HT system (very limited)

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    My stuff is too old to be of any real usefulness/enjoyment.

    I don't even have a DVD player yet.

    My budget for a start-up HT system is about $500-$700.

    I *really* want to buy the Pioneer DV-440 DVD (as I burn my own CDRs, etc). That will cost about $175.

    I also own a nice ProScan 52" rear-projection tv with builtin surround-sound speakers. I can make use of the onboard surround-sound speakers on the tv when playing dvds I suppose.

    The previous owners of my house left 2 speakers up on the wall. These have a label on them of 'AR Inc' - whatever that means(!). I seriously doubt I can make use of them as they must be over 10-15 years old (nice woodgrain though).

    Anyway, I see others posting about Onkyo (494, 495), Kenwood (505 - 509), or Outlaw receivers. I think I can pick up an Onkyo 494 for about $250-$300.

    So that doesn't leave much for speakers but I am looking for suggestions from the forums.


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    AR Inc = Acoustic Research. What model are they? AR has been known for selling very cost-effective audio equipment for *many* years. You can't tell a speaker's quality by its age. You need to listen to them to find out how good they are.
    There are several companies selling inexpensive but high quality speaker systems over the net. Since they avoid the wholesale and retail markups, they can sell for much less than comparable speakers available at your local A/V store.
    HTD is probably the best known.
    AV123 sells Swan Diva speakers, which have gotten rave reviews.
    Both companies have a 30-day money-back return policy.
    I hope this helps a little.
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    May 27, 2001
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    With your budget, I would say you are a candidate for HTB, or Home Theater in a a box. That is, if you want to have everything at once. I am not quite sure what you mean by the TV having surround speakers built in. Surround speakers must be physically located behind you when you are watching the TV. Now, the Tv might have some kind Surround effect mode. That can sound quite impressive sometimes, but can in no way comapare to actually having speakers behind you.

    Although the HTB may serve you well, if you are really serious about having a HT, I think you should build your complete system piece by piece. First of all, definitely check to see if those AR's are any good. Then, get yourself a dvd player for less than $200. The next step would be a little tricky with only $500 left. I would put that into a Dolby Digital Reciever. The only problem is that you don't have any mains. Maybe for the time being you could use those AR's. Then save for decent Mains. That should keep you occupied for a while - so I will stop here.

    Of course, you can forget all that and just go for the HTB route. It just depends on the level of quality that you want.
  4. steve nn

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    HTB 504 in my opinion would serve you well.Can be had for $400+or-.A WM-sony 12" 120 watt seconed sub will really round it out for you.It can be had for $125-$150.Good luck. steve nn

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